The Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square store

by Ofentse Sefolo
The Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square store

The unique Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square store, designed by Ennead Architects, recently won the Gold Award in the commercial (under 50 000m²) category at the WAN Awards. The idea of the project was to create an iconic yet humble “town square” feel, which is achieved primarily through the building’s unique facade and roof construction.

The roof

The store is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is known for its soaring desert temperatures. With the weather in mind, the architects focused their attention on creating superior shading with the help of Apple’s instantly recognisable glazing system and a special canopy. The result is an interior ceiling that functions as an exterior shading device, ultimately merging the indoor and outdoor sections of the store.

The perforated canopy/roof is made using ultra high-performance concrete cantilevers. The glazing system, canopy and sunshine work together to project an eye-catching pattern on the building’s facade to eliminate direct sunlight inside the store during its hours of operation, and to reveal a structural slenderness that makes the building all the more pleasing to the eye.

The canopy has been perforated with apertures, and these apertures have been parametrically designed according to the store’s exact latitude and longitude. Ultimately, this means that the store’s patrons are able to enjoy unrestricted vistas of the sky, as well as a cool and comfortable interior, while shopping.

The store’s uniquely perforated canopy/roof is made using ultra high-performance concrete cantilevers.

The facade

One of the main aspects of the building is its laminated low-iron glazing. The glazing allows for maximum transparency between the indoors and outdoors. In conjunction with the structure’s strategic design, the glazing helps to reduce direct sunlight and the absorption of heat on glass facades to enhance the structure’s energy performance and “green” rating.

According to Ennead Architects, “the project design yields an anticipated annual energy consumption savings of 36,7%, as compared to performance values set forth in ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010 and recycled/diverted construction waste of 88,96%.”

Although minimalistic, the structure is difficult to ignore, thus demonstrating how notable design doesn’t need to be over the top in order to be appreciated.

The construction of the building is designed to merge the indoor and outdoor elements of the store.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.worldarchitecturenews.com and www.ennead.com for some of the information in this article.


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