Textile trends for 2016/17

by Tania Wannenburg
Textile trends for 2016

A trend report on the latest textiles seen at Heimtextil, an international trade fair for home and contract textiles that took place in Frankfurt am Main in January 2016.

Wellness and quality of life are currently driving developments in the textile industry with a focus on creating inviting, peaceful spaces that make people feel good and enable relaxation. Under the theme “Well-Being 4.0”, this year’s Heimtextil Trade Fair showcased the latest styles and advances in textiles, highlighting four major trends.

Protect – a quiet escape
Clean aesthetics and understated designs that put silence at centre stage and create environments in which to switch off and recharge.
•    Colours: Light and pure, authentic shades.
•    Materials: Cocoon, sensorial, delicate patterns.

Energise – explore the intangible
Intuitive and highly energetic, this trend links with technology and uses light to create intangible shapes and highlight dynamic contours.
•    Colours: Bright, fluorescent, glossy, strong and weak contrasts.
•    Materials: 3D, kaleidoscopic patterns, dynamic shapes, reflective surfaces.

Nourish – appeal to the senses
Inspired by sustainability and ecological awareness, natural materials and handcrafted products are paired with forward-looking design.
•    Colours: Green, earth tones, dark browns and greys.
•    Materials: Nature-inspired, stone, wood, plant motifs, eco fabrics.

Enrich – luxurious drama
Dramatic settings that feature opulent and highly decorative elements with cultural references, influenced by both the East and the West.
•    Colours: Plum, crimson, azure blue, metallic gold, brass, bronze.
•    Materials: Velvet, silk, linen, oriental patterns, rich decoration.

Full thanks and acknowledgment are given to Heimtextil and Messe Frankfurt for the information provided for this article.

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