Ten award-winning houses visited in one day

by Tania Wannenburg

A group of about 40 architects got the chance to visit ten PIA award-winning houses in one day, on a bus tour sponsored by ArcelorMittal South Africa.

An architectural bus tour through Pretoria took a group of about 40 architects on an insightful trip to ten of the Pretoria Institute for Architecture’s (PIA’s) award-winning residential projects on Saturday, 6 February.

Organised by the PIA and sponsored by ArcelorMittal South Africa, at each of the houses, which were open for a walkthrough, the architects explained the projects and answered questions about the design.

“It was a real privilege to visit all these projects, see all the different styles and ideas, and spend time on an informal basis with so many architects in one day,” comments Kara Jansen van Vuuren, product promotions officer at ArcelorMittal South Africa. “It was a great opportunity for two-way networking and we had a lot of fun.”

Melvin Hickers, product manager for galvanised and colour-coated products at ArcelorMittal South Africa, adds that the tour was a huge success and provided great exposure to leading architects and cutting-edge architecture. During the interactive tour architects shared their vision and ideas with the event culminating in peer recognition of the designs of the day.

“It also helped demonstrate material applications in the green-sustainability architectural space, looking at functionality and not just design. The tour focused on how liveable a space can be rendered through materials, notably steel featured highly.

ArcelorMittal South Africa went out of their way to ensure the comfort of the attendees with welcoming snacks and hot beverages, branded headrests, snack packs and a wide variety of cold drinks to help everyone stay cool throughout the day.

Jansen van Vuuren also designed an original ArcelorMittal architectural adult colouring book as a gift to each architect, together with a set of colouring pencils, to take home.

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