Local roofing company credits its growth over the last six years to sound strategic decisions and the technology they apply to automate their business.

Established in 2010, LCP Roofing credits its growth to sound strategic decisions and the use of efficient technologies to help the company provide a range of roofing-related services from truss design and manufacture to custom-made plates for decorative exposed trusses.

Apart from using ISO 9001 accredited design software from International Truss Systems (ITS), business automation plays a significant role in the operations of LCP Roofing.

“We have employed industry-leading accounting and human resource management systems, and combined a number of operational programmes into a single platform, Our LCP,” says general manager, Lyndsay Cotton. “Our LCP is a combination of processes, made up of industry-leading server, cloud and mobile-based applications, that helps to manage all the platforms, including site measurements, site reports, delivery reports, quality control reports and client confirmation documents,” he explains.

FlowCentric, a business process and flow automation system, helps employees to keep tabs on everything from client file management to representative commissions, document and drawing control, payment requests, and quote and design documents.

Device Magic is a mobile forms application which is used to send information from the field, while Qlikview is used to report on all facets of the business and DataTim, a transport management system, is used to manage the fleet.
With a relatively small factory, LCP Roofing optimises output through the automation of its factory set-up and delivery vehicles. The factory boasts two Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) saws and two AV Birch presses, which optimise both the production speed and quality of produced trusses.

“Obtaining South African Technical Auditing Services (SATAS) SANS1900 accreditation permits us to apply the mark to our products, giving our customers the peace of mind that the products they buy from us have undergone strict quality control measures and are fabricated to the standards set out in SANS1900,” Cotton adds.

LCP Roofing
Tel: 0861 527 7663
Website: www.lcproofing.co.za