Technologically beautiful wall finishes

by Darren
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Cemcrete manufactures a range of decorative finishes that are both aesthetically beautiful and of superior quality that work together to create long-lasting, beautiful spaces.

On 18 April 1973 Graham Bendall opened the doors of Cemcrete with his visionary cement-based products. Since then, 36 years later, Cemcrete has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of beautiful, long-lasting decorative finishes in South Africa.

Decorative finishes are the make-up of design spaces. Therefore they must be both aesthetically beautiful and, being the surface layers of utilised spaces, also be functional, durable and long-lasting.  

Cemcrete offers a sophisticated range of wall finishes that are technologically advanced and produce all the features of desirable interior and exterior coatings. The products are extremely durable and long-lasting, thanks to their cement base.

To ensure longevity, all finishes must be applied to solid, clean surfaces. Therefore it is not advisable to paint over a problem, as surface preparation and application are crucial in achieving satisfying results. Cemcrete has a dedicated technical team which is always readily available to assist or consult clients on the application and preparation of their products.

Cemcrete clients are spoilt for choice when shopping for wall finishes. With a range of six different wall coatings, each product is uniquely textured and applied to produce different finishes for various spaces. All the wall finishes are suitable for use in interior spaces, from bathroom walls, behind showers, on counter tops, to vanity coatings.

A popular choice is Cemcrete’s SatinCrete, sealed with SiliconSeal. A product that glides effortlessly onto walls, it produces an exceptionally smooth finish that is easily wiped down and creates a seamless elegance on feature walls within the design space. The product is also a striking alternative to tiled walls, and can be used in renovations or even on existing tiled walls. In the instance of existing tiles, the wall should be prepared by etching or scraping the surface. A layer of Cemcrete’s BaseCoat is applied to smooth suction and create a smooth solid surface for the final finish.

Cemcrete’s most popular options for exteriors are CemWash and CemCote, which are both brush-on products. CemWash is a roughly textured wall coating that can be applied onto numerous surfaces, and it eliminates the need for plastering. It is also effortlessly applied. From its initial dry-powder form, the product is mixed with water on site and is then painted on using a builder’s block brush. CemCote is similar to CemWash, with a slightly smoother texture that produces an elegant coating over the expanse of vertical spaces.

A proudly South African company, Cemcrete has not only extensively grown its range of “fit-for-purpose” products, but has also adapted to the ever-changing  styles of construction market trends and their related final finishes, as well as the increasing demand for sophisticated products suitable for commercial and residential use.

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