Technological skin offers ideal flooring solution

by Tania Wannenburg
Dekton Jnl 6 15

One of the key design aspects of the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku is the architect’s unique approach to flooring.

Dekton* was developed by Cosentino and this new, innovative surface recreates materials such as porcelain, quartz and glass. The sophisticated mixture makes use of TSP technology (Technology of Sinterized Particles) and it is ultra-compact, giving architects and designers more freedom to express their creativity and meet their clients’ goals.

This surface anticipates the future needs of the always-changing design industry. By being able to recreate any type of material with a high level of quality, designers and architects are offered endless possibilities, allowing their interior and exterior designs to become more flowing, modern and intricate. Dekton manufactures this surface in large formats, thereby expanding the possibilities at all levels both vertically and horizontally.

Triangle flooring at the International Airport in Baku

A total of 4 300m² of Dekton was specified for the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, Azerbaijan. Turkish architecture studio Autoban set out to create a modern, inspiring space and some of the key features include concave external glass walls and wooden “cocoons” in the new, triangular terminal building that is split over four levels.

Another key aspect of the airport is the unique flooring. The design team set out to find a material that could be produced in large formats in order to create a pattern of equilateral triangles (all three sides equal in length). The pieces would then need to be cut in order to create the intricate, aesthetically intriguing pattern without risk of the equilateral triangles breaking.

Dekton offered the perfect solution seeing as the material is solid, can be manufactured in uniform colours and has a natural look and slate finish. Cosentino was also able to create the required colour in various similar, elegant shades to help the design team achieve its aesthetic goals.

Each side of the equilateral triangle flooring slabs at the Baku airport is 1,5m and three different tones of the Dekton Sirius colour were used for each slab. The large-format, multi-shading approach provides the spectacular 3D effect of raised cubes at the airport.

The functional and aesthetic qualities of Dekton make it the ideal choice for any project. Choose Dekton for a technological skin that connects indoors and outdoors spaces giving continuity, expanding the personality and lifestyle characteristics for occupants and users.

*Dekton is a registered trademark
Contact Cosentino South Africa on +27 11 974 8914 or visit their website: www.dekton.com for more information about the Unlimited Possibilities that Dekton offers.

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