Tech solutions for SANS-compliant fenestration

by Tania Wannenburg
Tech solutions for sans compliant fenestration WISPECO

Wispeco Aluminium’s free Agrément-certified Crealco software design tools can calculate costs and SANS compliance, based on tested actual performance values.

Within the framework of sustainable building design, architects and designers need to carefully consider window, door and facade systems to address the structural and thermal performance of fenestration, while achieving aesthetics and comfort.

Maximising natural light in a building typically means a greater glazed fenestration area, however, traditional windows are not the best insulators and a lot of energy could be lost through conductance and air leakage. To address this, Crealco aluminium windows are developed with an inherent ability to seal and prevent air leakage, as well as with thermal performance optimisation in mind.

In addition, Wispeco Aluminium’s free Agrément-certified Crealco software design tools can calculate costs and SANS compliance, based on tested actual performance values, to ensure project compliance within the budget.

Crealco’s Agrément-approved software, Starfront and U-Solve, as well as the Crealco FPD (Fenestration Performance Declaration), enable professionals to design and price compliant, durable and attractive fenestration for different building applications and locations and get product durability and compliance assurance.

U-Solve – for architects
The Agrément-certified U-Solve design software determines the whole-window and door U-value and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) based on Crealco systems, genuine Wispeco aluminium extrusions and actual glass supplier values.

It does not approximate, but calculates actual values from detailed software simulations using the “Therm”, “Optics” and “Window” software from Lawrence Berkley Laboratories in the United States. U-Solve is the only programme currently available in Southern Africa that performs these detailed calculations while simulations are verified against Rotatable Guarded Hot Box test results from the SABS.

U-Solve further includes orientation and shading coefficients, various glass types from local glass suppliers and generates reports for tender and council submission. It also includes a costing feature that assists with budget estimates.

In addition, the Crealco U-Solve Window Economics Table assists architects with analysing cost versus thermal performance for Crealco window and door systems. The U-Solve software and the Window Economics Table are freely available from the U-Solve website.

Crealco FPD – for councils, professionals and property owners
Local building regulations require architects or design professionals to sign a certificate of compliance as per SANS 10400: A in respect of thermal and structural performance of buildings after project completion. To this end, the Crealco FPD website enables fabricators and installers of aluminium fenestration products to deliver a compliance assurance declaration to an architect, builder, building control officer or home owner.

The uniquely numbered, signed, one-page declaration offers project-specific compliance assurance for installed Crealco products. It confirms Agrément-certified design methodology, that genuine Wispeco quality material was used, that fabrication workmanship was done to specification, that glazing and installation adhere to industry guidelines, and that maintenance requirements were made available.

Electronic technical literature
Crealco further offers numerous design and fabrication aids such as REVIT 3D families with SANS intelligence, typical CAD cross-sectional drawings, technical wall charts and product manuals along with fabrication and installation training to aluminium fabricators. The information is downloadable via the Crealco website or available on a DVD upon request.

Appointed stockists who supply fabricators, furthermore offer showrooms with actual samples to view, touch and feel.

Tel: 011 389 0053
Website: www.crealco.co.za / www.crealco-fpd.co.za /www.u-solve.co.za / www.starfront.co.za

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