Target Market & Readership

by Darren


The publication’s distribution levels are phenomenal! We will be at Decorex in August, followed by a mammoth magazine drive during September, after which architects and interior designers will be targeted in October.

The GREAT FLOORING GUIDE will feature in the following prestigious publications and at the following bespoke initiatives:


•   Highly engaged reader

    •   Bought no matter what’s on the cover.
    •   Kept for reference.
    •   Advertising and promotions used to make purchase decisions.

•   Race profile consists of 61% WCI (white/coloured/Indian) and 39% black readers.

•   Income/Living Standard:

    •   25% of readers have a R20 000+ household income.
    •   Average Household income:

        •    South African women: R6 876
        •    Tuis/Home readers: R13 354

•    They are family- and home-oriented people that love entertaining at home.


•   A younger, very ambitious, reader that loves the dialogue between the worlds of design and fashion.

•   A balanced mix of single readers and those who are married or living together.

•   Includes the young aspirant black diamonds market that is growing fast.

•   Readers with careers on the move. They are informed and on-line.

•   Shopping is a sport, an art and an obsession. They shop as often as they can.


•  The professional commercial market; including architects and interior designers across South Africa that rely on FLOORS IN AFRICA for the latest information in flooring trends.

•  These readers include the commercial specifiers as well as the residential specifiers.

•  Reaching the consumer via the architect and designer with the GREAT FLOORING GUIDE.

•  High credibility factor in reaching professionals that will speak on your behalf to consumers simply by being the specifiers point of reference.

•  Top income group consumers that utilise architect and design services are also reached.


•   Offering a multi-platform solution and 24/7 availability.

•   Places product in front of a consumer who is researching flooring at the press of a button and that is ready to buy.

•   High traffic medium ensuring a high number of people that access and read about your product continuously.

•   An opportunity for our readers to be introduced to your product and go on to visit your website to learn more.

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