Taking innovation and customisation into a new realm

by Tania Wannenburg
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The acquisition of new tufting equipment has opened the door to a range of innovative and creative flooring options aimed to set industry standards.

True to their pay-off line, “A World of Choice”, Belgotex Floors are taking innovation and customisation in carpeting to a whole new level with the recent acquisition of new tufting equipment.

As one of the largest single investments in tufting machinery in the country, this new equipment will increase the company’s production capacity of patterned, tufted tiles and broadloom carpets, currently available in the Mod Design and Tuftweave ranges respectively.

These five new machines, valued at over R100-million, offer unprecedented design flexibility with better pattern and colour definition than ever before.

The new tufting machines allow for precise colour placement in both modular and broadloom ranges, resulting in a finer, more attractive finish – ideal for hospitality or corporate installations where a luxurious, more organic design is desired.

Similar to the Colourtec technology used in Tuftweave, the colour is specifically placed as opposed to being hidden (as occurs with the servo-scroll machines). This allows for more intricate patterns or designs.

“The scope for detailed patterns and colour placement makes for unlimited design potential,” says Greg Barry, National Sales Manager at Belgotex Floors.

Customised Broadloom

Tuftweave allows for a significant amount of creative freedom to produce a bespoke patterned broadloom carpet in any design imaginable.

Thanks to the sophisticated ColourTec pattern tufting technology, coupled with the Nedgraphics Texcelle design programme, Tuftweave can produce the simplest or most complex designs and patterns previously only achievable by weaving.  

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, conference venues and country clubs, Tuftweave enables the designer, architect or decorator to turn any design, from “doodles” to fabric swatches or works of art, into customised patterned carpets.

Offering unlimited pattern permutations, with up to six different colour combinations from a fast-tracked colour palette of 24 interchangeable SDX colours, Tuftweave overcomes previous design limitations of conventional carpets, giving imagination and creativity free rein.

24 Custom SDX Colours

Changing the colour combinations or placement in any design from a range of 24 popular SDX shades to match any colour scheme or palette is exactly what this process can achieve.

The Stainproof SDX yarn is UV- and stain-resistant ensuring carpet colours stay vibrant and colourfast, without fading or discolouring when treated with harsh cleaning chemicals or exposed to direct sunlight.

Customised Carpet Tiles

Mod Design is a collection of six tufted tile ranges with fashionable patterns on either a light- or dark-grey base, with optional accent colours in bright shades.

This collection lends itself to creative expression with a plethora of design permutations possible merely by manipulating various elements. From the selection of a light- or dark-grey base to create shaded or tonal contrast, and the choice of pattern design and lay direction of each tile, to deliberate colour placement or colour blocking using one or more accent colours, Mod Design is ideal for modern interior design.

Each range features a distinct pattern with different pile heights, allowing for textured variations when installing more than one design together.  Choosing between the geometric or linear designs of Aviator, Matrix or bold Crossfire, the subtle shading of mottled Cirrus or graduated Enterprise, or the freestyle scribbles of Atlantis will set the tone and add the illusions of movement on the floor.

In addition, decorative effects such as herringbone or pixellated patterns can be achieved through the creative use of different tile dimensions and installation directions.

Furthermore, the use of bright colours to create a focal point or demarcate areas, such as different departments, is also becoming increasingly popular in more adventurous projects.

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