Historically, roof painting was focussed on maintenance and improving aesthetics. However, steel roof refurbishments have evolved over the past ten years. The drive to control the high costs associated with frequent maintenance cycles, temperature regulation and the need to invest in alternate renewable energy (solar panels) has had a profound effect in how the maintenance of roofs is approached.  

Rising to these challenges, Plascon’s extensive product range provides high-performance yet economical paint solutions, with long life expectancy and extended maintenance cycles, that are unique to Plascon. 

Roof paint and solar 

Since the onset of loadshedding, the use of solar is no longer viewed as a luxury, but more of a necessity – from private homes to large corporate premises. However, this has brought its own challenges. Studies have shown that standard acrylic roof paints do not perform well when solar panels are installed. This is due to the high levels of condensation and water absorption, which has a negative impact on the performance of acrylic roof coatings. 

Solar reflective paint 

Plascon products ensure metal roofs are refurbished and fit for solar panel installation.

In response to both loadshedding and the rising cost of electricity, Plascon Nuroof Cool roof paint, with improved-solar reflective factor/performance, Nu Roof Cool reflects the sun’s rays by at least 30%, helping to keep building interiors cooler when there is no power available. By reducing the dependence on air-conditioning, the electricity costs for the building are also reduced. 

Protective paint systems 

Over the years, Plascon has developed specifications by combining products from its different ranges. Climatic testing is then conducted at its performance labs, as well as in the field across South Africa, to evaluate the compatibility and performance. 

Protective coverings, industrial primers and finishes are combined with Plascon’s highly acclaimed decorative roof coatings, such as Nuroof Cool, on the same roof. In this way the company refurbishes metal roofs in a state of corrosion to the point of readiness for solar panel installation. This system provides unique, yet economically viable, steel roofing solutions with performance that cannot be matched. 

With the ability to choose from protective coatings, industrial and decorative products, Plascon is uniquely positioned to specify the most suitable coating system for every building, from within its wide range of products that are specifically designed for optimal performance when used together with Solar panels. 

The maintenance of metal roofs requires more than just aesthetics. It needs innovative products to reduce costs and withstand the challenges arising from the installation of solar panels.  

For more information, contact Plascon: 

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