Taking a challenge head-on

by Darren
Taking a challenge head on

Safintra recently installed its products at a new solar array on the Wild Coast.


In Safintra’s book of achievements, there is nothing better than a challenging project. This includes challenging locations, weather and most of all, the challenge of trying out a new product.

One such a challenge was the recent application of Safintra products at a newly-installed solar array on the Wild Coast.

Saflok 700 roof sheeting was rolled in aluminium 0,8mm material, transported to the location, installed and then over-fitted with Safintra S-5 roof clamps, onto which the solar panels were secured. Forming part of the approved range of Safintra Roofing System components, Safintra’s S-5 clamps do not void the warranties on the roofing material. This proved to be a critical factor in the financial feasibility of the project. To consider replacing part of the roofing system in this location, even 15 years down the road, was not an option. Safintra’s S-5 clamps are warranted for 25 years and have pull-out loads which are unbeaten worldwide.

The Saflok roofing profile has proven its performance as a sealed roofing system many times and aluminium was the ideal material to use in a location within 2km of the Wild Coast’s shoreline.

Another significant challenge was the timing on the project. Within two weeks, the roof sheeting was produced in the Durban plant of Safintra and loaded on a flatbed truck with clips, fasteners and other hardware. The clamps were put through final loading tests in Denver, Colorado.

A Safintra technical expert, as well as an S-5 technical expert from the USA, was present to ensure the correct installation of the sheeting and the clips above it, and the perfect alignment on solar panels on top of the lot.


The countdown:
Day 3: Tuesday
The S-5 clamps were put through final loading tests in Denver, Colorado, and test videos were sent to the client on the Wild Coast by satellite cellphone.

Day 2: Wednesday
Dustin Haddock left Denver, with the still-warm clamps in his luggage, for 20 hours of travelling.

Day 1: Thursday
Dustin was met by Marnitz Benecke of Safintra in Johannesburg for a late flight to Durban.

D-day: Friday
An early start from Virginia airstrip in a small plane, on site by 10am, finished by 3pm and back on the plane to Durban that evening.


The project was an immense success, and despite the long travelling hours, Safintra congratulated the team – in the Unites States and South Africa – on a job well done.

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Website: www.safintra.co.za

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