As part of ensuring a high standard across the readymix industry, SARMA is offering insurance at truly discounted rates.

The Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA) offers a specialist supplier professional indemnity insurance policy for specialist readymix concrete suppliers to protect them from claims arising from the supply of faulty concrete.

Only accredited SARMA members qualify for these insurance packages, and having confidence in its members’ processes, SARMA offers it at premiums well below the industry standard. SARMA-accredited members undergo strict SHREQ (safety and health, road transport, environmental, quality) audits through a process that includes one announced and two unannounced visits to the concrete plants per year.

According to SARMA general manager, Johan van Wyk, the association has put together and negotiated two types of insurance policies, which is supported by CivilSure.

Plant insurance
The readymix fleet insurance scheme covers the physical concrete mixers at a premium of 1,25% of the replacement value of the vehicle. This is a substantial saving compared to the industry standard premium of 2,7%.

Rip-and-tear cover
Concrete normally undergoes a series of tests, both in the laboratory and on site. However, failures can happen due to various unforeseen circumstances. During construction, if a failure is only discovered during testing 28 days after pouring, the chance is that many more slabs had been laid in the meantime. All of these will then have to be demolished and reinstated, which can result in substantial monetary losses and consequential losses.

SARMA’s concrete failure insurance protects suppliers against claims from clients or third parties in this case. The insurance pays out for a thorough engineering inspection, complete demolition, the carting away of rubble and the full reconstruction to reinstate the section that had to be removed, plus any consequential losses suffered by the client.

The premium for this cover is well rated and highly affordable, as the risks have been pooled with one insurer, with an excess of between R30 000 and R50 000.

Demanding quality
As part of the project specification, professionals can specify this insurance to be part of the product liability insurance, which would give peace of mind to both the client as well as the readymix supplier.

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