Tackling concrete repair high-tech style

by Darren
Tackling concrete repair high tech style MAPEI

Mapei South Africa has introduced a new technology innovation for repairing damaged concrete structures – Plaitop Smooth & Repair R4.

While concrete is a strong, durable building material, proper maintenance, especially the repair of damaged structures, is vital to extend a concrete structure’s service life.

With this in mind, Mapei South Africa has introduced Planitop Smooth & Repair R4. Passing extensive testing internationally, Planitop Smooth & Repair R4 has been highly successful at protecting against carbonation and chloride attack, extending the time to onset of initial corrosion and suppressing corrosion propagation.

Hi-tech treatment
The renowned research and development team of the international Mapei Group, a world leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for building, has formulated an all-round solution to the requirements of an ideal repair mortar.

The result was a rapid setting cementitious mortar that provides good:
•    Impermeability to water and salt solutions.
•    Impermeability to carbon dioxide.
•    Crack bridging.
•    Adhesion to substrate.
•    Ageing resistance.

The product is a one-component thixotropic mortar containing polyacrylonitrile fibres, synthetic polymers and special admixtures. It is an exceptional R4-class mortar that offers a convenient solution for high-performance structural repairs and smoothing of any internal or external damaged concrete surface, even those in permanent contact with water.

“Planitop Smooth & Repair R4 really does tick all the boxes,” says Mapei South Africa’s product manager, Paul Nieuwoudt.

Easy to use
Applied by trowel to horizontal or vertical surfaces in a single layer from 3mm to 40mm thick, Planitop Smooth & Repair R4 forms a mortar with good workability and setting and hardening times that can be regulated by adding Mapetard ES.

It hardens without shrinkage and has excellent adhesion to concrete substrates and to steel reinforcement, especially if the steel has been pre-treated with Mapefer 1K anticorrosion and re-alkalising cementitious mortar.

Typical applications include rapid repair work on deteriorated concrete beams and pillars, cornices and edges of balconies, as well as repairs to structural elements that require a mortar with high mechanical performance properties. It is also finding considerable use for repairing precast concrete members and damage caused by rusty reinforcing bars.

According to Nieuwoudt, this user-friendly product is particularly useful for quickly smoothing over surface defects in cast concrete before painting the surface with a coat of either an elastomeric product from the Mapei Elastocolor range or an acrylic paint from the Colorite range.

“I am confident that it will become a standard stock item for anyone involved in concrete repairs, whether in the precast concrete industry, general construction work or even DIY homeowners,” he concludes.

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