Swirling zinc roof realises design vision

by Tania Wannenburg
Swirling zinc roof

Whirlpool-inspired roof showcases the versatility of Rheinzink to materialise exceptional architectural visions.

The swirling roof of the Maggie’s Swansea Cancer Care Centre on the grounds of Singleton Hospital in Wales was carefully designed and crafted out of Rheinzink, a metal roofing material made from titanium zinc.

Designed by the late world-renowned Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa and commissioned by Garbers & James after his death, the 302m² building was inspired by the cosmic whirlpool shape of the Milky Way. According to Kurokawa, the design concept was meant to be “a strong symbol of life, with everlasting forces swirling around a centre”.

Patients and guests are welcomed in the central core of the building, from where the galaxy-shaped structure swirls outward, leading visitors from the one end of the outstretched building to the other.

The 400m² zinc roof structure comprises Rheinzink’s double-standing seam profile system. The curved outlines mirror the surrounding contours, while the zinc wings link to the central core of the building. Meant to be calm and welcoming, this area is softly lit by natural light allowed in through a skylight at the peak of the elliptical roof.

“This unique geometric roof illustrates the versatility of what skilled craftsman can create using our Rheinzink material. Being a crafted roof it shows how architects can use their design initiative extensively,” Stephen Wilkinson, business manager at Rheinzink South Africa, points out.  <LAYOUT> HIGHLIGHT

In addition to enabling unique designs, zinc is a natural and 100% recyclable material ensuring longevity and sustainability. Over time, the zinc will also patinate and change its appearance as it weathers and ages, reinforcing the symbolism of life for which the centre stands.

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