Sustainable, safe playground at new Spur

by Ofentse Sefolo
Sustainable, safe playground at new Spur

The EnviroBuild range of rubber paving bricks made from recycled truck tyres has been used as flooring for the external playground at the Eagle Creek Spur. The project forms part of the extension of the Five Ways Mall in Empangeni.

“The selling point was the impact attenuating properties from a safety point of view. EnviroBuild products are perfect for surfacing of playground areas as the severity of a fall is greatly reduced. Our products have been tested and certified to SANS 51176/7* for playground safety,” explained Jaco Snyman, National Sales Manager of EnviroBuild, a division of Van Dyck Floors.

He said that the second strong selling point was the fact that EnviroBuild products are made from recycled truck tyres, adding valuable green credits to the development of the 5 Ways Mall.

“For this installation, a total of about 4.1 tonnes of truck tyres were recycled and diverted from going into landfill. This equates to about 350 radial light commercial vehicle (bakkie) tyres or 65 radial truck tyres!” he pointed out.

About 4.1 tonnes of truck tyres were recycled and diverted from going into landfill for this installation. This equates to about 350 radial light commercial vehicle (bakkie) tyres or 65 radial truck tyres.

Van Dyck Floors is KwaZulu-Natal’s first manufacturer of eco-friendly rubber flooring for commercial, industrial and residential use and one of very few to produce rubber flooring in South Africa. The truck tyres that form the basis for this product are recycled in Hammarsdale.

The end product is marketed under the banner EnviroBuild.

What was installed
Empangeni Eagle Creek Spur installed 100m² R-35 for the external playground and 8m² R-20 for the ramp extending from the external playground into the internal playground, both in slate grey. The R-35 rectangular recycled rubber paver (100mm x 200mm x 35mm) was installed onto a compacted crusher dust base in much the same way as conventional paving.

The R-20 rectangular recycled rubber paver (100mm x 200mm x 20mm) was installed onto a solid concrete surface and bonded down with a special two-part polyurethane adhesive that is also available from EnviroBuild.

Jaco added that EnviroBuild produces a wide variety of flooring products, including rubber paving bricks (200mm x 100mm), Dog Bone paving bricks (200mm x 160mm), rubber paving tiles (500mm x 500mm), a twin brick pattern tile (1 000mm x 1 000mm) and an interlocking tile (1 012mm x 1 012mm) at the Van Dyck factory in Durban.

Rubber paving for a variety of uses
“Rubber paving and flooring is not only suitable for playgrounds, it can be used for a wide variety of applications. Because it absorbs impact and cushions falls, it is ideal for use in schools and retirement facilities. Together with increased grip, this also makes rubber flooring products particularly suitable for use in gyms, dance studios, sporting facilities, around swimming pools and wet areas such as saunas and Jacuzzis,” says Jaco.

Rubber paving and flooring is also suitable for industry and warehousing as it is able to withstand impact as well as high footfall and the movement of heavy equipment such as hoists and fork lifts.

Quick, easy application and repairs
EnviroBuild products are low maintenance, durable and quick and easy to lay. Because rubber bricks are much lighter than brick or concrete paving, and some products come in sheets, they can be laid more quickly and easily with the added bonus of far less breakage. This negates additional outlay to cover damaged materials. They are also easy to lift and replace should repairs to, for instance, water pipes or underfloor cabling be necessary.

“Rubber paving is ideal for slopes where there is a risk of moving ground and the need for increased flexibility to mould to the shape of the surface. The durability of EnviroBuild was important as the Spur external playground is currently exposed to the elements,” says Jaco.

Jaco added that the client is very pleased with the end result.

“There was heavy rain in the area shortly after the installation and he expected some damage. He was very pleasantly surprised that there was absolutely none. Local company, Zulpave, completed the installation and can be proud of the quality of their workmanship,” concludes Jaco.

For more information, contact Van Dyck Floors on +27(31) 913 3800 or via www.vandyckfloors.co.za.

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