Sustainable roofing solutions for schools and low-cost housing

by Tania Wannenburg
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The Independent Development Trust (IDT) was commissioned by the Provincial Government earlier this year to develop schools in various Gauteng communities. Project developers called for alternative construction methods that would speed up delivery time, be more cost effective and support green design.

The first school to be built using the IDT’s specifications was the Olievenhoutbosch Primary School. The school that roughly spans 4,800m2 consists of classrooms, an admin block with library and computer room, sports facilities, and bathroom facilities. Razorbill, a company that specialises in steel lightweight building systems was one of the contributors involved in the delivery of the project.  

Razorbill’s construction division, RazorConstruct played a vital role in constructing the walls and roofs of the school that consisted of a lightweight steel frame. The walls and roofs had to be constructed within a stringent timeframe of only ten weeks from start to finish. Marley Roofing partnered with RazorConstruct and supplied more than 50 000 quality concrete roof tiles for this project.  This school was the first in Gauteng that is approved by the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) to have a tiled roof. The vertical cladding was done with fibre cement boarding and future applications will align with Marley’s diversification strategy.

The Marley roof tile profile that was selected for the project is part of their Double Roman Plus range. It is a perfectly symmetrical profile, suited for large housing projects, that enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building while also delivering on strength and cost-effectiveness. The Standard Terracotta colour chosen for the school added to the building’s character and were used to create a high performance roof  that also demonstrate the visible both comfort and status in the Olievenhoutbosch community.

With tight deadlines, the speedy delivery of products and materials was critical to complete the project within the agreed ten week timeframe. Ideally situated in Gauteng, Chris Smith, founder and shareholder of Razorbill, was highly impressed with Marley Roofing’s capacity to deliver the right quality tiles on time accompanied by their unmatched service support. According to Chris, Marley’s service was excellent. “We did not have a problem with delivery to the school and the support that they offered was very helpful in completing this high profile project,” he said.  He continued by adding that this project was only one of many sites that they observed Marley’s capacity to deal with turn-key and fast track projects in the low-cost segment of the market.

Alwyn Cronje, Commercial Manager for Marley, confirmed that it was a pleasure to work with Razorbill on this project. “It will definitely set the scene for alternative building methods going forward.” Cronje concluded that Marley Roofing’s commitment to environmental sustainability and their vision of ‘Dynamically preserving the future’ has put them at the forefront of producing roof tiles that contribute to a sustainable way of living. “Marley has been involved in a number of low cost projects and are continuously looking for opportunities in which we can successfully improve the standard of housing with high quality affordable roofing solutions that are backed by extensive quality management systems.”

Both Cronje and Smith are in agreement that this was an exciting project and will definitely set a new standard for future development in cost effective wall and roofing solutions.

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