Sustainable roofing elevated

by Madelein
Sustainable roofing elevated

A new technological breakthrough, utilising 98% waste material, now provides superior functional benefits to other roofing options while being 100% recyclable.

The Harvey EcoTile® by Harvey Roofing Products is setting a new benchmark in sustainable roofing. To find out more about this innovative product, WALLS & ROOFS Magazine asked all the right questions.

Q: When will the tile be available?
A: Full production is anticipated by the end of October 2021.

Q: What are the available colours?
A: The product will initially be available in a matte-textured finish black/charcoal. The Harvey EcoTile® is paintable with acrylic roof paint post-construction.

Q: Can the tile corrode and how many tiles per square metre?
A: No, the composition of the tile is made from non-corrosive material and features 9,35 tiles per square metre.

Q: Is the Harvey EcoTile® certified?
A: It is certified by Agrement and has NHBRC recognition.

Q: What is the transport cost compared to a standard concrete roof tile?
A: The average weight of a concrete double-roman roof tile is 4,2kg, which is equal to 44,1kg per square metre. The Harvey EcoTile® at 1,35kg each equals 12,62kg per square metre. Tile for tile, the EcoTile® is only 25% of the cost to transport concrete tiles, enabling 75% more loading.

Q: What is the size of the Harvey EcoTile® roof tile?
A: The actual size is 420mm x 324mm, and the effective size is 345mm x 310mm.

Q: What is the recommended roof pitch?
A: We recommend a pitch of anything between 12,5 to 35 degrees. For pitches below 22 degrees, an underlay is recommended.

Q: What brandering size should be used?
A: Tested at 27 degrees, the truss spacing of 1 100mm using sizes 114mm x 38mm SABS approved timber and battens of 38mm x 38mm will suffice. Alternatively, use light-gauge-steel top-hat sections.


Assembly is easy with five location points for ease of fitment and interlocking. The tile at the eave requires one fixing screw (supplied), unless in high-wind areas, where two would be recommended. Fitment breakage will be under 1%. The walkability test is passed at a point-load breakage of 360kg.


Any roof product will fade over time through natural weathering. The Harvey EcoTile® will also fade over time, but given the quality of the masterbatch, the fading will be uniform and consistent.

A 30-year warrantee and fire-risk compliance with SANS 10400 complete the set benefits.

For more information about the new Harvey EcoTile, contact Harvey Roofing:
Tel: +27 11 741 5600
Email: info@hrp.co.za
Website: www.harveyroofingproducts.co.za

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