Summer temperatures in South Africa can reach up to 45°C in parts of the country. A roof that can help beat the heat will not only keep you cool, but also lowers the energy demand. Cooling options that require electrical power (like air-conditioning) are not viable with power cuts, loadshedding and an Eskom rate increase.

This is where Plascon Nuroof Cool comes in – it’s a cooling solution that’s affordable and sustainable. 

Benefits of this product

Plascon Nuroof Cool with Enviroshield™ formulation with ultraviolet (UV) protection reflects infrared light. Lower roof temperatures translate into cooler interior spaces – this means reduced air-conditioning, lower energy consumption, substantial cost savings and increased comfort.

The exterior surface is also cooler, as the sun’s heating energy is scattered harmlessly back into space through the greenhouse gasses. This not only helps our planet to stay cool, but also ensures that the roof colour and its beauty last longer.

Trademarked cooling technology

If you’re coating a roof, this product is a no-brainer when facing up against roofing paint that doesn’t feature Plascon’s trademarked cooling technology. If your roof is not coated, the product’s potential to bring you power and cost savings by reducing the need for cooling makes it a wonderful option. It can also be used on prepared cladding, galvanised garage doors, galvanised gutters and downpipes.

Plascon Nuroof Cool is simple to use, as it is easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray. It is water-based and easy to clean any equipment with water after use.

For more information, contact Plascon:
Tel: 0860 20 40 60

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