Sustainable office flooring options post COVID-19

by Madelein
Sustainable office flooring options post COVID-19

Office design post Covid-19 has created a need for flooring to be used to demarcate areas in office planning such as meeting points, visual social distancing requirements, quiet zones and office traffic direction flow.

KBAC Flooring now stocks a range of carpet tiles and planks from Danish producer, Ege and their new Highline Express Tile Collection provides the desired flexibility that modern-day offices need to adapt to post Covid-19 regulations and measures.

With flooring more important than ever in architectural and interior design, tiles and planks are now recognised as significant materials for the office of today. The new range from Ege’s colours and designs has been developed to optimise space and functionality, while keeping employee wellbeing top of mind.

Natural and sustainable
Ege champions environmental responsibility so sustainability is fundamental. Their new Highline Express flooring is made with Econyl yarn derived from abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste, with the tile backing of Ege’s patented Ecotrust produced from old plastic bottles.

Colours, sizes and designs
The Highline Express Tile Collection offers many standard designs that can be recoloured and produced in one of six different cut or loop varieties. In production, Ege uses its own blend of New Zealand wool renowned for creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

The new range is available in square 48x48cm and 96x96cm tiles, and with the addition of the rectangular 24x96cm plank, there is scope to combine the three options to create unique functional flooring solutions.

For more information, contact KBAC:
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