Sustainable decorative cement finishes

by Darren
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Cement-based finishes are durable, eco-friendly and offer a wide range of design options.


Decorative cement-based finishes are the perfect example of the synergy of beauty, sustainability and economy, providing a durable, low-maintenance finish for walls and roofs that will last for the life of the building.

Cement, or concrete, is naturally an extremely durable product offering sheer strength and the longest lifespan of any traditional building material. While other finishing options might be initially inexpensive in comparison to decorative cement-based applications, cement will last much longer with minimal long-term effects on the environment.

Concrete retains its temperature due to its thermal mass, reducing indoor temperature fluctuation. This can be a great benefit in the summer, making buildings feel naturally cooler and helping to reduce the air-conditioning costs. At the same time, the conductive properties of a cement finish can support a passive solar heating strategy.

Cement-based finishes are eco-friendly and don’t require the use of hazardous cleaning products. They do not omit volatile organise compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, but improve indoor air quality as it does not harbour allergens and bacteria.

Finishes and vertical surfaces
An increasingly popular choice for maintaining building walls is Cemcrete’s range of decorative finishes on vertical surfaces. These finishes are not only aesthetically attractive, but also easy to use, waterproof, economical and extremely durable.

For both interior and exterior walls, the most popular options for a brush-on wall application are CemWash and CemCote. For a skim-on application process it is Satincrete for interior use and CemPlaster for both interior and exterior use. These are all available in an extensive colour range, offering variety to discerning homeowners, architects and interior designers.

Roof applications
The outermost layer of the roof is extremely important to keep in pristine condition as it is continuously exposed to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, rain, hail and general weather abrasion. It needs to be both waterproof and aesthetically pleasing.

To meet these needs, Cemcrete’s RoofPaint has been adapted to contain mica and silica for maximum film protection against UV light and weather abrasion. This durable coating is suitable for application on cement or concrete, and new or old corrugated iron roofs, serving as a primary waterproofing system.

For additional durability and waterproofing, Roofseal can be used, which provides a durable membrane system that is extremely waterproof and easy to apply. It is suitable for use on concrete, bituminous felt, timber, galvanized iron, asbestos cement and foam cement, and is a perfect base for RoofPaint, as it seals the roof and allows the paint to last much longer. For a flat roof, Cemcrete’s Permastop and Matcrete serve as durable waterproofing systems.

Once applied, a cement-based wall or roof finish is very easy to maintain and rarely needs replacing, especially if properly installed and maintained, saving on wastage, resources and energy that would be put into manufacturing and applying a new finish.

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