Sustainable cement finishes

by Darren
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Exploring the numerous benefits of using cement or concrete flooring products in commercial environments.

Sustainable construction offers numerous benefits that are easy to attain without sacrificing aesthetics or placing strain on budget.

Cemcrete’s decorative cement-based finishes are manufactured in South Africa and make use of locally sourced materials to minimise transportation costs and carbon footprint. By going green with Cemcrete, builders can benefit and save money while concurrently ensuring a durable and low-maintenance finish.

The durability of their cement and concrete product offerings is a crucial element on any construction site, as they tend to have a longer lifespan and thus offer a better return on investment.

Cement-based products are also easy to clean when installed and finished off with the correct sealer. Cemcrete offer a range of different sealers for various applications. For example, their CreteCare range of maintenance products is resistant to stains, dirt and abrasives, thereby eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners to enter the environment.

An added advantage of cement products is the fact that they are recyclable. Demolished cement finishes go through a process of grinding which enables them to be used in a variety of commercial-grade ground installations. Smaller pieces can be used in residential construction products or as the sub-base for gravel roads. A variety of recycled materials can also be incorporated into cement – either before casting or when it is setting – to create a floor or countertop that has a distinct colour or look, especially when using Cemcrete’s PolishCrete or Countertop mix.

In conclusion, Cemcrete’s cement-based coatings offer a number of colours and designs that are adaptable to individual style and taste, resulting in a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economic efficiency.

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