Functional architectural features such as exposed beams, posts and trusses have contributed for centuries to a building’s aesthetic value through the use of natural hardwoods. Sustainable alternatives are now becoming more accessible and have various benefits including material weight and environmental impact, making it a preferred choice for specifying.

Eva-Last’s innovative Lifespan range of forest-friendly beams combine market-leading composite materials with lightweight aluminium components, which assure green alternatives to create incredibly versatile projects.

Pioneering sustainability
Lifespan gives the appearance of natural timber and the concealed high-performance longevity of aluminium, with none of the drawbacks of wood.

Ten-year warranty
The product provides endless eco-friendly design opportunities ranging from pergolas to cladding and other architectural showpieces, whilst ensuring higher performance and longevity, and carries a ten-year warranty.

Superior engineering
“Through a tri-extrusion process to bond the elements of Lifespan together, this range of products is highly resistant to severe climatic and biodeterioration conditions. Lifespan has been engineered to meet industrial norms yet benefits from being light weight making it easier for handling and requires no further reinforcement, therefore less time to install. It also requires no maintenance and upkeep, unlike real timber,” says Eva-Last’s chief executive officer, Marc Minne.

“Lifespan helps to preserve valuable natural resources, while providing finishes and aesthetics that are indistinguishable from the timber appearance that we all know and love,” says Minne.

Lifespan offers market-leading technical specifications in flexural stability, weather resistance, application opportunities and biodegradation through attacks by organisms such as termites, fungi and bacteria.

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