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Sustainability award winner at DOMOTEX 2023

The sustainability award winner at DOMOTEX 2023 is the Taufa rug made by Jaipur Rugs.

An exceptional creation: The Taufa rug

Often the warmest memories of a family are when members sit together and tell stories; elders pass down folklore and heritage while young ones share their new knowledge.

The Weaver’s Art Reserve recreates some of these stories and captures how weavers visualise them. Manju’s Taufa is a surreal rendition of the story behind Christmas, as told by her daughter, Kareena, during such a gathering.

Merging design and social impact

The Taufa rug is from the Manchaha Collection. These original rugs are designed by rural weavers spontaneously on the loom, using leftover yarn. A poetic narration of the everyday lives and emotions of its makers, Manchaha is a one-of-a-kind project merging design and social impact.

Weavers in rural India get to create their own rugs, which become both a form of self-expression and a source of sustainable livelihood for them and their families.

Customers worldwide can acquire a unique, highly exclusive product that embodies a new idea of conscious luxury.

A mixture of stories and elements

Given the opportunity to express themselves, the weavers weave their rugs with a mix of personal stories and elements of their culture and surroundings.

The results are vibrant creations featuring a motley of inspiration from food and colours, animals and flowers, objects and musical instruments, friends and family members, dreams and emotions.

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