The surprising charm of some of the most sought-after marble textures meets endless suggestions of colour.

Research spanning all five continents generated a selection of eleven ceramic marbles unique for the scenic sumptuousness of their mineral spirals and recognised by their strikingly clear and dominant colour.

Mega Ceramic elegance

The new Charm Experience by Italgraniti, embraces a generous and scenic ceramic marble that goes beyond its elegant textures and refined colours to the impressive and seamless dimensions that can be achieved by the Mega version of these porcelain stoneware slabs.

The impeccable aesthetic sensitivity that has always distinguished Italgraniti, combined with painstaking attention to detail and a production process supported by state-of-the-art technologies, have given rise to ceramic marbles which are astoundingly realistic, playing the starring role in domestic surroundings owing to the sense of authenticity they convey and their decorative calling.

Perfect Colour Matching

Thanks to its elegant and colourful textures, Charm Experience generates a cosy and vibrant colour space, which can be intersected with the full-bodied and textural palette of the Nuances collection. The Charm Experience surrounds you with beauty and colour inspiration. All surfaces have a coherent relationship through texture and colour that are always in motion and constantly harmonic.

Extraordinarily Simple and Versatile Listello Tratto

Listello Tratto is the decorative accessory that enhances interior design projects: eight mesh-mounted long, thin strips, designed to cover columns, vaults and other architectural elements.

New Application Frontiers for Ceramics

Now tables, furniture, worktops, doors and other interior design finds a versatile and expressive creative tool in the Mega slabs, with their reduced thickness and exceptional dimensions.

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