a.b.e. Construction Chemicals has been a trusted supplier in South Africa for decades, and recently became part of Saint-Gobain Africa. Among its extensive range of flooring systems are two effective surface hardeners for industrial floors, abeplate and abecron C LA.  

 abeplate: pre-mixed hardener for heavy traffic 

 This is a premier, iron-armoured, dry-shake surface hardener supplied in a pre-mixed, ready-to-apply form for industrial floors with heavy traffic, impact and abrasion. 


  • Easily applied at normal or hot temperatures for moderate to maximum thickness of iron-armouring by the dry-shake method. 
  • Greater wear resistance than mineral aggregates such as emery or granite. 
  • High-density, less permeable surfaces reduce potential penetration of oil, grease and other industrial chemicals.  
  • Wear-resistant polished or non-slip floors offer a long service life with low repair and maintenance.  

 abecron C LA: dry-shake hardener for light to moderate traffic 

 This is a non-metallic, modified, level-assisting natural aggregate dry-shake surface hardener, supplied in a ready-to-use form for hardening interior and exterior new industrial, commercial or residential concrete floors with light or moderate traffic. It is ideal for warehousing, storage, automotive maintenance areas and other maintenance facilities. 


  • Increased strength and improved wear resistance, with twice the lifespan of ordinary concrete floors. 
  • Substantially faster application, facilitates the floor power floating process. 
  • High-density, easy-to-clean surfaces with exceptional resistance to liquid penetration. 
  • Dustless technology to reduce health risks and area contamination. 

 The latest methods of placing concrete and finishing have evolved over time, allowing for bigger areas to be completed and the speed of placing, finishing and the quality of levels to be drastically improved. 

Top tip: a.b.e.’s range of floor hardeners come ready-to-use for faster application, improved wear, and greater resistance.  


For more information, contact a.b.e. Saint-Gobain: 

Tel: +27 11 306 9000 

Email: elrenes@abe.co.za  

Website: www.abe.co.za 

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