exterior wood

The advanced technology of molecular binding on which Rubio Monocoat is based has made it the go-to brand when it comes to the high-quality and environmentally-friendly protection of wood. The company has added two new products to its range, further setting it apart from other wood protection products. 


WoodCream is a breathable hydrophobic wax-based cream that colours and protects vertical exterior wood, providing water-repellent and self-cleaning wood protection. The long-contact technology ensures the perfect absorption of the cream into the wood’s pores, without covering them, thus ensuring the wood’s natural moisture balance and structure. 

exterior wood

WoodCream, a hydrophobic wax-based cream that colours and protects vertical exterior wood

Depending on the chosen colour, wood type and orientation of the vertical wood, the colour lasts five to ten years. After about five years, the pearl effect (water-beading) will gradually diminish. To decrease the colour intensity of the existing WoodCream colours, dilute it with WoodCream Softener. 

Additional characteristics: 

  • 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • Low environmental impact. 
  • Not film-forming, does not peel off. 
  • Penetrates deep into the substrate. 
  • Easy to apply on all vertical wooden surfaces. 

Rubio Monocoat presents new product for exterior wood – a hydrophobic wax-based cream.

For more information, contact Rubio Monocoat: 

Tel: +27 86 11 RUBIO (78246)   

Email: info@rubiosa.co.za   

Website: www.rubiomonocoat.com  





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