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Superior polished concrete floor using the correct machinery

Main image: VPC Superfloors, a certified Husqvarna contractor, recently completed the lobby floor of the Liberty offices in Braamfontein

Visitors were wowed when Superb Flooring, as part of the PMSA group of companies, recently displayed the full range of Husqvarna Floor Grinding and Polishing machinery at BIG 5 Johannesburg. The company held live grinding and polishing demonstrations showing the ease of operation and versatility of the Husqvarna machinery.

Revitalising a 3 decade old floor

Superb Flooring had done an outstanding job at rejuvenating the 27-year-old concrete floor in their exhibition stand area. This shows that even existing floors of almost 30 years can look like a masterpiece once the Husqvarna machinery has done its work.

The company strives to educate contractors, floor owners, specifiers, architects and engineers that not all polished concrete is created equal; there is only one Husqvarna Superfloor and it is the global standard in polished concrete.

3 steps to creating masterpieces

To create a Superfloor, there are several steps to follow:

  1. Start with a coarse diamond tool under your Husqvarna concrete grinding machine that can handle the removal of soft media from the top of the concrete surface. Usually, a 25-grit diamond tool can create a relatively smooth surface. If the concrete is quite rough and uneven, another coarser stage must be used to prepare the surface for the 25-grit.
  2. After the 25-grit tool has exposed the aggregate to the agreed level – and provided that the floor is flat – the next grinding stage is an 80-grit tool. This will remove the scratches left behind from previous stages. Be sure to remove all scratches before moving on to the next stage.
  3. Use a finer Diamond Tool, up to 3,000-grit tooling, until you have a mechanical gloss on the surface of the concrete.

Guaranteed long-life superior polished concrete floor

When a specifier asks for Husqvarna Superfloor, they will receive a long-life superior polished concrete floor.

Superb Flooring proudly offers floor grinding, scarifying and polishing machinery, diamond tools, floor cleaning auto-scrubbers, floor saws, core drilling machinery, and a host of other professional Husqvarna tooling to the market.

For more information, please contact Superb Flooring:
Tel: +27 11 578 8700
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