Matting solutions suited for areas exposed to heavy wear and tear and foot traffic.

As a supplier of premium, hand manufactured mats and bar accessory products to large, nationally established corporate clients as well as smaller businesses and individuals, Kleen-Tex South Africa is able to service the industry’s unique and customised needs.

Their Sentinel Commercial range of matting is the workhorse of the Kleen-Tex range and is a moulded product made from UV protected polypropylene with a nitrile rubber backing. They are available in a choice of nine colours and due to its heavy duty wear surface, it is ideal for commercial use.

These mats are also available in standard or custom sizes with edging as well as in in individual 0.5m x 0.5m tiles, simplifying the replacement process. In addition to these benefits, maintenance and cleaning only requires a thorough vacuuming and in areas where there is stubborn dirt, a simple hose down with a scrubbing brush and detergent will do the trick.

There are two additional product options within this range, namely Sentinel Hybrid and Sentinel Scribe.

The Sentinel Hybrid is a durable, moulded polypropylene mat with a herringbone pattern base and nitrile rubber backing. This mat incorporates a Jet-Print cut pile nylon inlaid design with the customer specified logo or message. This Jet-Print inlay or “hybrid” selection of the mat allows for greater detail in crests, emblems and logos as well as varying grades of colour or shading.

In turn, the Sentinel Scribe is a heavy duty practical dirt stopper mat with a nitrile rubber backing making it ideal for use in high foot traffic areas such as retail stores and commercial buildings. It is comprised of a fully washable, colour fast, stain resistant polypropylene base which also incorporates simple, customer specified logos and message inserts in plush cut pile nylon.

All of these products are also locally manufactured and offer a two year guarantee against any defects which may arise.