Super performance is a must for entrance matting

by Tania Wannenburg
Matco entrance matting Jnl 3 16

Entrance matting plays several vital roles such as minimising the dirt that enters a building.

Entrance matting is often thought of as an indoor flooring accessory, however, it plays a vitally important role in dirt and moisture control, helping to keep buildings clean and floor surfaces safe by reducing the risk of slipping.

External entrance matting has to withstand the climatic conditions of outdoor use. UV resistance, ease of cleaning, dirt scraping and quick-drying properties are essential for durability and effective performance, which is why Matco’s Super Scraper is growing in popularity.

Super Scraper has DS anti-slip certification, which means it scores the highest anti-slip rate in dry, wet and even snowy conditions. Manufactured from coarse tufted Polyamide yarns, Super Scraper has been treated against UV to protect it from the sun. These coarse fibres effectively brush off and retain dirt, and remove excessive moisture from shoes. (It is recommended that a secondary mat is used for drying any remaining residue on footwear.)

The retention of moisture can be a challenge for some outdoor entrance mats, however, Super Scraper has been designed to allow moisture to ‘escape’ and air to flow through the mat for quicker drying benefits. Like all entrance matting, to ensure optimum performance and longevity, Super Scraper should be regularly cleaned and maintained. An annual pressure clean is recommended to prevent the growth of moss.

Super Scraper has a five year warranty and it is one of many matting products available from Matco, a brand of COBA Africa (Pty) Ltd based in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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