Success follows Floors magazine into 2016

by Tania Wannenburg

Floors in Africa celebrated several milestones in 2015, and 2016 is set to be a memorable one for the company.

2015 has been a year filled with milestones and notable achievements for FLOORS in Africa magazine. Undoubtedly these have set the foundation for what is set to be another memorable year in 2016. We’ve decided that it’s worthwhile to reflect on 2015 and highlight just a few of the numerous success stories.

Circulation figures on the increase

In the period January-June 2015, the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) stated that FLOORS in Africa was a title that has grown substantially and that it is one of the movers in the industry. Even though there was a decline in the circulation figures for various publications, there were a few titles that have grown substantially though, with FLOORS in Africa being one of the four titles identified. The distribution figures of 16 525 for the period July-December 2015, in comparison with 7 372 for the period July-December 2014, clearly highlights our growing readership numbers. This equates to an impressive 124% growth in readership over a year!

“We believe this growth is a direct reflection of our hard work over the past few years to commit to remaining the niche publication of choice when it comes to flooring specification in South Africa and, together with the onset of our digital channels, we believe that we offer easy access to great content, which gives our users an enjoyable and informative experience,” says Liezel van der Merwe, Managing Editor of the magazine.

Digital figures soar

As noted above by Mancini, Media in Africa’s phenomenal growth in their digital platforms has opened new avenues for readers and advertisers with regards to disseminating and using invaluable content. The Facebook currently has 782 476 fans (www.facebook.com/buildinganddecor) and the Twitter page has a total of 2 360 followers (www.twitter.com/buildinganddecor). In January alone, 1 009 339 people engaged with the Facebook page, which shows very high engagement on this platform.

The website (www.buildinganddecor.co.za) boasts an average of between 20 000 – 30 000 unique visitors every months, with an average of between 30 000 and 40 000 visits per month. Over 15 000 people are also subscribed to the monthly newsletter.

“Engaging with our readers and asking what they want is always the driving force behind the communication strategies on all of our platforms,” notes Tania Wannenburg, Digital Manager at Media in Africa. “We take note of what they ask, share, like (and dislike) and structure our content around it.”

Editors judge GreenStep Asia awards

Both Liezel van der Merwe and Roxanne Mancini were invited as judges at the GreenStep Environmental Awards in Asia. This was a huge honour and the opportunity was embraced by both Liezel and Roxanne to represent South Africa at the event.

The programme started in Asia in 2014, with entries across three categories in Asia and four in the United States being judged. These are Pinnacle for Environmental Leader of the Year, and Product and Process, which describes any activity that improves the environmental impact.

The Great Flooring Guide gets TV exposure

Media in Africa’s The Great Flooring Guide gained TV exposure for the first time through the popular and exclusive DSTV channel, kykNET. kykNET is currently the 2nd most popular channel on DSTV, drawing more than 1-million viewers that targets the affluent LSM 7-10 groups. This gave us the opportunity to gain exposure among actively buying consumers in our country.

Beyond extending their message face-to-face via TV, brands and advertisers can also communicate their messages via The Great Flooring Guide’s print and digital platforms. This enables them to spend less while reaching more consumers as it has a print run of 127 000 copies – making The Great Flooring Guide the largest décor print order in South Africa.

Commercial Flooring Directory – A first for the magazine

2015 also saw FLOORS in Africa magazine embark on another first with the introduction of a Commercial Flooring Directory which lists flooring related companies in South Africa. The aim was to offer the professional commercial market a quick reference guide to participating flooring companies, listing each organisation’s contact details, areas of expertise and a brief yet thorough introduction to their unique product and service offerings.

All those who advertised their products within the Directory were excited at this new annual print and online addition to FLOORS in Africa magazine, which will be featured in 2016 editions. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity, as it will remain relevant for a full year.

2016 will see Floors publish its 250th issue

Journal 3 in 2016 will be the 250th issue of FLOORS in Africa magazine. This is truly a phenomenal feat and will be cause for much celebration. Every issue aims to surpass the previous one in terms of content and design, and looking back, the evolution of the magazine over the years demonstrates the continuous dedication of everyone involved to consistently deliver a world class magazine.

Advertisers and readers alike have commented on numerous occasions how the content within the magazine continues to appeal to them and how it is used as a tool in their own decision making processes. Specifiers also use it to inspire new ideas and to keep them updated on everything they need to know before commencing with their next project.

“Looking back on 2015, we can only be grateful for all that we have achieved,” concludes Editor, Roxanne Mancini. “We take our role in the flooring industry seriously and look forward to continuing our culture of pioneering and innovating into 2016.”

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