There is a magnificent variety of beautiful and practical outdoor flooring options offering you style from the outside in. It is important to choose the flooring for your backyard, front garden, poolside, and patio decking that suits your needs and style. Let’s look at some of the current trends.

Composite wood-look decking

Composite wood-look decking is a very versatile option and gives your outdoor patio flooring a rustic, homey feel or a chic, polished, modern look. Wood never goes out of style making composite wood-look decking the perfect choice. It is the luxury vinyl of the porch flooring market. These tiles are also a modish and inexpensive version of the traditional wood deck boards. and have a realistic wood look without the hassles of real wood.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

Patio floor tiles, and specifically, porcelain exterior tiles, are often more durable than natural materials like stone and wood, depending on the PEI rating, giving you the best of both worlds.


Artificial grass

Today artificial grass, like composite decking, looks just like the real deal. With a realistic look and feel, turf has become a sought-after alternative to real grass, providing a grass look without the upkeep and water expenses.

Artificial grass deck tiles

Grass tiles give you the best of both worlds: the comfort and convenience of a deck, with the lush greenery of a lawn. This is the perfect solution when you do not have any yard space but still wish to enjoy a yard-like experience – without the maintenance. These deck tiles interlock with ease and they’re self-draining, which is a big plus on those rainy days. Grass tiles are completely pet-friendly and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Outdoor carpets

Ribbed carpet tile

Outdoor carpet is a very short low pile carpet, similar to carpets found in offices. When using carpet outdoors, ensure it is manufacturer-approved for outdoor use. Ribbed outdoor carpet tiles are popular under covered patios and areas not super susceptible to lots of water. The self-adhering backing makes for a simple but secure installation. These carpet squares are mould- and mildew-resistant so they’re perfect for patios, basements and other areas with the potential for moisture. Some are also eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Plastic deck and patio tiles

Plastic drainage tiles are the ultimate outdoor flooring. They’re mould- and mildew-resistant and designed specifically to prevent slipping when wet. The vented surface allows water to drain under the tile so there aren’t any standing puddles after rain. The hard plastic of the tiles is UV stable, which means the colour won’t fade even after extended exposure to sunlight. Drainage tiles work well for decks and patios, as well as around pools, outdoor showers and anywhere that moisture may cause some challenges.

Rubber flooring

Rubber is one of the most versatile flooring options there is. Although it is primarily used as gym flooring, rubber flooring is durable, slip-resistant and shock absorbent. That means you can run, play and fall on it without hurting yourself. Primary outdoor rubber flooring categories are rubber pavers, rubber tiles/rolls and rubber playground flooring.

Rubber pavers

Flagstone rubber pavers

Rubber pavers mimic the look of stone, brick and concrete, but give you the resiliency, comfort and ease of rubber. More economical than brick and available in many cool colours and looks, rubber pavers are versatile and safe, easing your mind if you have kiddies playing outdoors, or just giving you and your guests comfort during your outdoor get-togethers.

Rubber floor tiles and rolls

These rubber rolls are super versatile and make a great outdoor flooring option

Rubber playground flooring

Photo credit – PLAYSaFE from Seamless Flooring System

Rubber playground flooring is an excellent outdoor flooring option. Although not the first choice for a deck or patio, it is the best option for playground equipment. It is safe and comes in a wide variety of colours.

Court flooring

Whether you want flooring for an outdoor basketball court, pickleball court, shuffleboard court or something else entirely, there’s court flooring to meet your needs. Outdoor sports tiles can withstand the challenges that come with weather and temperature changes and are slip-resistant when wet. The perforated surface allows water and dirt to drain, reducing the need for upkeep. They’re also UV stable and come in vibrant colours that won’t fade.

Rooftop flooring

Roof tiles are designed to protect rooftops from loud walking, punctures and temperature transfer, which is perfect if you have many people walking around. Rooftop flooring is constantly exposed to the elements because there is nothing to provide shade or protection it from the rain. This flooring is built to withstand moisture, UV radiation and high traffic.

Soft turf tiles

Foam tiles

Not all foam tiles are created equal, and most of the low-cost options won’t stand up to outdoor use. However, there are foam tiles specifically designed for the outdoors, particularly near pools and water play areas. Soft, durable, slip-resistant and waterproof, these non-porous tiles will make your pool deck safe, fun and stylish.


Bricks can create an elegant look and provide many different options for colours and patterns for your porch flooring. They are perfect at an outdoor fireplace or a cosy patio.


Many homeowners are drawn to using concrete outdoors because it is so long-lasting. You probably don’t even need to do anything. Chances are your house came with a concrete patio and, if you want, you can stain it or leave it au natural.

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