Structural solutions for floor movement joints

by Ofentse Sefolo
Structural solutions for floor movement joints

Kirk Marketing has developed the Kirk Structural brand, which enables specifiers and engineers to choose from a variety of high-quality floor structural joints and covers for their projects. The new brand is designed to absorb any floor movement experienced in commercial buildings and car parks, making it a must-have for world-class projects.

Kirk Structural includes three brands of structural joints, namely M.Trim, Arfen and Vexcolt. These joints can absorb vertical, horizontal as well as shear movement. Whether the concrete slab design that you have chosen is post-tension, pre-tension, precast, reinforced or coffer, the solutions within this range will be able to absorb the movement it experiences.

An added benefit is that the movement joints complement virtually any type of flooring that will be used on the project, including tiles, carpet, and vinyl, among others. There are cost-effective options based on your choice and design, and the great variety of designs allows specifiers to match the specification requirements exactly to the solutions that are chosen.

The company has created a comprehensive 13-point questionnaire to assist specifiers in selecting the correct product for the specified loading and environment. The brand includes a comprehensive range of fire barriers, waterproof systems and detailed fitting instructions in PDF format.

Kirk Structural is used in commercial buildings, offices, shopping centres, airports, train stations and parking decks. For a comprehensive range of structural covers in aluminium, rubber and steel plate combination, partner with Kirk Marketing.

For more information, contact Kirk on +27 (11) 444 1441 or via www.kirk.co.za.

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