Choosing a stone floor is dependent on various factors, namely quality, durability, application, lifespan and ease of use.

Seamless Flooring Systems (SFS) explores the quality and durability of its quartz stone flooring offering that is naturally rounded as a result of millions of years’ exposure to glacial rivers.

Seamless Flooring Systems (SFS) offering is processed in an environmentally friendly ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified plant. It is unique in that the stones do not go through the dynamiting process whereby large rocks are blown up with dynamite and then mechanically crushed, damaging the stone and making it rough and angular. Crushed stone exhibits microscopic cracks and fissures that weaken the stone particle and compromise its ability to withstand point load strength or impact. SFS is the only company in Africa that does not use this inferior quality crushed stone and only uses alluvial untouched quartz stone straight out of alluvial river beds in Europe!

SFS stone is coloured in an ISO 9001 certified plant and each stone is individually coated in a UV-stable coloured polyurethane resin. These coloured stones are then bound together with a clear resin during application. This approach is unique as most other stone flooring companies colour their stones on site in batches, (2m² increments) which can contribute to bag or batch colour variations. As their stone is coloured by adding a pigment or powder into the resin, which adheres the stones together, the colour collects between the stones as opposed to around them.

With regards to stone hardness, SFS’s quartz measures 7-8. Putting this measurement into perspective, a hardness scale (MOH) of 0-10 is utilised with a diamond measuring 10. In turn, crushed stone averages between 2-3. Furthermore, SFS quartz flooring is smooth to the touch, while other stone flooring systems are sharp and irregular. Consequently, heavy traffic, for example, has zero impact on a SFS quartz floor. Some companies even use Mica which has a MOH strength of 2.8 before crushing! Even crushed glass is double this strength!

To ensure maximum efficiency, SFS always prepares a surface with a specially formulated adhesive primer, which bonds to a wide variety of substrates, including tiles. Many companies omit using a primer to save on costs. A primer is crucial as it provides additional binding that injects increased strength into the floor, and dramatically increases the adhesive strength, resulting in a strong and durable floor.

SFS prides itself on only using the highest quality resins for all of its floors and is 100% UV stable. According to SFS, the ratio of resin to stone in their quartz floors is far higher than most other stone flooring systems. The more resin (binder) used, the stronger the floor. To ensure complete success, SFS only sell their products to licensed applicators who have completed their intensive three-day Technical and Practical Training course.

SFS proudly states that their Quartz floors have an expected lifespan of over 20 years, and have been in existence for almost 35 years worldwide, with many floors testament to this.

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