Stretching the limits of dynamic ceiling design

by Tania Wannenburg

Fernand Scherrer was responsible for the invention and development of Barrisol Stretch ceilings some 45 years ago in France. Today Barrisol is the world leader and innovator in stretch ceilings and associated products. With its wide range of products that include ceilings, acoustics, walls, light boxes, features and expo stands, the company offers a complete solution to architects and interior designers.

Unparalleled quality
After being the first to create the M1 (Class 0, Class 1) stretch ceiling that can be disassembled and reassembled as required, Barrisol continued their development based on the principles of safety, performance, technology, efficiency and aesthetics.

Key aims included installation quality, resistance and durability, along with customer service and satisfaction.

Barrisol has designed products in compliance with safety and environmental standards, created and developed a large number of Barrisol stretch ceiling systems, including the renowned Barrisol Star with its invisible track. They have brought these products to an exceptional technical and aesthetic level. Over the years, other companies have tried to imitate the Barrisol stretch ceiling, but cannot achieve the quality of sheeting, seamless joints and perfect perimeter details.

Barrisol uses only the best materials to manufacture its full range of products to the most stringent standards. The most award-winning stretch ceiling, the designs and product have won a total of 31 awards worldwide. Moreover, Barrisol is represented in just over 100 countries on five continents worldwide.

Available in South Africa
Lebaxpin (Pty) Ltd introduced Barrisol stretch ceilings in South Africa in 2008. The company is a subsidiary company of Abbeycon (Pty) Ltd, a leading interior contractor in South Africa. Lebaxpin (Pty) Ltd is the sole representative for Barrisol stretch ceilings and products in Southern Africa, and offers a wide range of products with professional design assistance and installation. This service includes the design of lighting and surrounding bulkheads, ceilings or timber work if required.

From their warehouse in Jetpark, the company provides specialist, trained installers and has fully-equipped vehicles (workshops on wheels) to provide professional installations wherever required. Over the years the company has been involved in numerous prestigious installations, such as Investec, Total, Sandton City, Cell C, Kia Motors, Dunhill and others.

With the experience gained through numerous projects in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia, Lebaxpin has developed the following unparalleled reliable services to clients:

  • To advise the designer on all the features required to have a successful installation.
  • To import the required manufactured material to Barrisol’s stringent specifications.
  • To advise the ceiling contractor on all the requirements necessary for a successful construction of a bulkhead if required.
  • To specify the basic requirements for an effective lighting installation and its design to complement an installation where lighting is integrated in its installation.
  • To advise the electrical contractor on the requirements for a successful installation.
  • The quality control of an installation to qualify for the ten-year guarantee.
  • They have a warehouse in Jet Park to safely store their Barrisol ceilings until they are needed to be installed.
  • Their specialists have been trained by Normalu Barrisol in Kembs, Alsace, France, where the training facility is the best in the world.
  • They have invested in a wide variety of tools that enable them to work on two and sometimes three sites at the same time.
  • Lebaxpin is a subsidiary of Abbeycon Pty Ltd, one of the top professional ceiling installers in South and Southern Africa.
  • Lebaxpin is on the autospec system to help the professional to specify the correct product for the right application.
  • Finally Lebaxpin can advise and assist their existing and future clients to achieve a level of enhancement in their desire to create beautiful and emotional arrangements in their living and working environment.

General specifications

  • M1 copolymer.
  • Cadmium-free.
  • Impermeable to water.
  • Shape and tension-retentive molecules.
  • Seams have a 20-year guarantee.
  • Impermeable to fibres and dust.
  • Return to their initial shape after distortion, such as water damage.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Robust.
  • Recyclable.
  • Hygienic, fungicidal and sterilisable.
  • Insensitive to radiation
  • Washable in five textures.
  • Allows for disassembly and reassembly, as required.

Product range and finishes

The product range and finishes grow every year.

  • Lacquered: 44 colours
  • Matt: 7 colours
  • Metallics: 7 colours
  • Brushed suedes: 24 colours
  • Translucent: 10 colours
  • Acoustics: 4 types
  • Perforated: 6 types
  • Recycled: 4 colours

Technical specifications

•    High-performance flexible panel, flame-retardent throughout.
•    Guaranteed cadmium-free polyvinyl chloride-based copolymer.
Reaction with fire
•    Naturally non-flammable, M1 classification.

•    Resists water and damp, seawater, copper salt solutions and X-rays.
•    Resists a maximum concentration of 15% sulphuric and nitric acid.
•    Resists a maximum concentration of 10% soda lye.

•    Non-toxic, naturally fungicidal, sterilisable, washable.

•    Barrisol is 100% recyclable,(Spelling please check) thus respecting the environment.

Quality control

A stringent quality control system is in place for all projects and a ten-year guarantee is offered on all products in Southern Africa.

In conjunction with their full range of products, they can offer vast technical back-up with regards to acoustics, fire ratings, product choice and reflection. Most products offered are water-resistant, non-toxic, washable and 100% recyclable,
thus respecting the environment. This world-class innovative product is now available in Southern Africa.

Linda Rennison – 0788048011
Stan Sullivan – 0836321019

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