Stress free site management with brick

by Tania Wannenburg
Stress free site management

Clay brick modularity and local availability enables project teams to adapt to changes and manage building sites stress-free.

One of the reasons why clay brick has been the walling material of choice since Roman times, is due to its inherent flexibility. As a modular material, it isn’t pre-configured or manufactured based on a building plan created six months before construction starts.

Brick dimensions are literally set in clay. There is a rough arithmetical relationship of length to width of 2:1 and length to height of 3:1 in the standard brick. This gives a lot of flexibility in how bricks can be laid.

Flexible & adaptable
Modular clay brick walling allows construction teams to quickly adapt to the client’s variation requests, respond to unexpected site conditions, implement complex architectural designs and deal with logistics or on-site damage and errors. Bricks have known parameters for use with different foundations, soils and climate zones, ensuring consistent strength, timing and costs.

Reliable, accurate planning
One of the key benefits of brick walling is that no matter where you build in South Africa, you have fast access to quality products and experienced brick layers and plasterers. Many CBA Members offer training to the communities where they operate which builds local skills and entrepreneurial capacity.

Competitively-priced, accredited brick suppliers can be found in every region, providing consistent quality stock-in-hand and short transport distances. Brick products and manufacturing technologies are not imported – every brick is made here in South Africa and must meet SABS 227 requirements. As the industry watchdog, the CBA lobbies for improved building standards.

The Clay Brick Association of South Africa
Tel: 011 805 4205
Website: www.claybrick.org

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