Strand High School Stadium gets a revamp

by Tania Wannenburg
Sika school project Jnl 5 15

Taking a look at how to achieve a successful sports stadium by making use of specialised products that offer solutions to every challenge.

A sports stadium has stringent requirements, which is why Sika’s high-performance products were recently chosen for a revamp project of the Strand High School’s sports stadium in Cape Town. One of the conditions specified by the school was that the stadium should be able to withstand not only scholar and spectator traffic, but also the wear and tear caused by rugby and soccer boots.

Upon inspection of the concrete stands, Lock Gous of Rolo Verwe paint contractors soon realised that the cracked and chipped concrete required more than just a paint job. SikaLatex, Sikaflex-11 FC+ i-cure and Sika Primer-3N were specified for the repairs after consultation with Sika. Soon the project was underway with Sika providing on-site training to five Rolo Verwe staff members.

SikaLatex was used in the mortar mix, as well as a bonding agent on all the areas that needed to be repaired. In addition, Sika Latex was mixed with water and cement and brushed onto the prepared surface. While still drying (tacky to touch), the mortar mix containing SikaLatex was applied to fix the damaged edges of the concrete stands. When used as an additive, SikaLatex substantially increases the physical qualities of cement mortars: provides increased adhesion strengths, greater elasticity and excellent water resistance; and reduces shrinkage. The Sika Latex/cement slurry was brushed onto the concrete surfaces as a bonding agent and was used as an additive in the mortar mix for repairing the chipped edges.

Once the expansion joints were prepared with a grinder, and loose particles and dust removed, backing cord was placed into the expansion joints to regulate the depth of seal and provide a solid backing onto which the sealant was placed and tooled. The sides of the joints were then primed with Sika Primer-3N, a one-component, epoxy-polyurethane, solvent-based primer designed for porous substrates. The prepared expansion joints were subsequently filled with Sikaflex-11 FC (grey), a one-component, elastic joint sealant and multi-purpose adhesive.

After a three-day curing period, the stadium was coated with a good quality paint. Sika is proud of the successful outcome of this project, and firmly believes that Strand High School can rest assured that its stadium will withstand many years of robust sporting events.

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