Still a success one year later

by Darren
FloorworX Brits Jnl 7 15

The flooring installation at Brits hospital is still performing extremely well one year later.

Exactly one year since the hospital was officially opened, Alex Pugh, FloorworX Special Project Manager, recently visited Brits hospital to review his company’s solution-offering, namely nora floorcovering, which was installed in fire escapes and main entrance staircases, physiotherapy rooms and all critical and high-traffic areas.

According to Alex, Architect Jos van Craybex communicated during the design process that he wanted a product for all the high-traffic and critical areas that could withstand exposure, that was stable, easy to clean, didn’t require a coating, and had a vast colour palette, not to mention strong acoustic properties. In addition, the product had to be softer underfoot than other floorcoverings.

Upon his recent visit, Alex interviewed both the Senior Administration Officer: Auxiliary Services and general hospital staff and nurses who spend most of their days walking on both the FloorworX nora floorcovering and another product which were installed inside the general wards.

The parties interviewed were asked the following five questions:

1.    How comfortable is the product underfoot?
The hospital staff all agreed that the flooring felt comfortable when walking and standing and some have discovered over time that they in fact experience less fatigue at the end of a long day of standing due to the cushion effect of the nora floorcovering.

2.    Is it easy to clean and maintain?
The Senior Administration Officer: Auxiliary Services shared a short story about how they noticed that the cleaning staff responsible for the high-traffic areas where the nora floorcovering was installed finished their job more quickly and easily than those responsible for cleaning wards where other products were installed. Since cleanliness is a direct reflection of how hygienic a facility is, the Auxiliary Services Department then switched the staff, with the intention of having the “better cleaners” work in the wards in order to promote the overall patient experience as regards hygiene. Of course it was realised subsequently that it wasn’t the staff as such, but rather the nora floorcovering that had such a great impact on the end result of the maintained floor.

3.    Is the floor still visually appealing?
The hospital staff all agree that the nora floorcovering offered sustainable functionalities which ensure a pleasant environment for patients, visitors and staff alike.

4.    Would anyone recommend the product to other hospitals?
The answer was a unanimous “Yes!”

5.    What has the impact been on noise levels in the hospital where the nora floorcovering has been installed?
The Senior Administration Officer: Auxiliary Services mentioned that she is of the opinion that the nora floorcovering contributes to a quieter environment.

Alex notes that 485m² of norament 926 Grano Stairtreads were installed in fire escapes and main entrance staircases, while 146m² of noraplan Acoustic, in colour 2959 was installed in physiotherapy rooms and, lastly, 4 200m² of noraplan Signa, in various colours, was installed in all critical and high-traffic areas.

norament 926 Grano is a rubber floorcovering ideal for extremely high-traffic areas, with a hammerblow surface and scatter design. It is also slip-resistant and doesn’t give off any toxic gases should there be a fire. In turn, noraplan Acoustic floorcovering offers a shock-absorbing foam back and reduces impact forces. noraplan Signa has a changing base colour comprising three harmoniously matched colour components with granule inclusions which are specifically designed for healthcare facilities.

The benefits of rubber:
•    No PVC, plasticisers or halogens
•    No hydrochloric gas or acid, no dioxins and no fumes
•    Safe in fire-toxicological terms
•    High walking comfort
•    Easy cleaning – permanently without coating
•    Resistant to surface disinfectants
•    Good hygienic properties
•    Excellent wear resistance resulting in a longer lifespan
•    Environmentally compatible
•    Improved acoustics due to excellent footfall sound absorption
•    High slip resistance

“Hygiene in healthcare is a complex issue and it is vital to choose the right floorcovering,” concludes Alex. “FloorworX is highly impressed with the performance of the nora system in the hospital one year after installation and the flooring will continue to serve their clientele with unrivalled service for many years to come.”

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