Sticking to what works

by Tania Wannenburg

Adhesives formulated around cutting edge technology.

Flooring adhesives are presented with some of the most challenging variables of all adhesive applications. The circumstances faced at each flooring installation is different due to factors such as site conditions, climatic conditions, different floor coverings, varying surfaces to be stuck onto, moisture and contamination of the substrate, to mention but a few.

Keeping the above in mind, iTe PRODUCTS has developed a range of adhesives which have been formulated around cutting edge technology from world leading emulsion suppliers, applying formulation adaptations to meet local conditions, giving the widest performance parameters. The resulting products give superior performance and come with a warranty, which buys the ultimate peace of mind for the installer, the architect or specifier as well as the flooring manufacturer.

Their GRIPiTe range includes GRIPiTe V10, PSA for Access Floor installations, GRIPiTe V30 for general vinyl and carpeting installations and GRIPiTe V50 for LVT installations.

High quality adhesives perform very well within broadly defined parameters, and will only encounter problems when the parameters encountered fall outside of what the adhesive can handle. Furthermore, when cheaper copies are made, the focus is on price, and inevitably performance is negatively affected, narrowing down the parameters within which the adhesive can perform.

This is why iTe PRODUCTS focuses on delivering high quality products that are simultaneously cost-efficient.

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