Stick to the rules for concrete flooring success

by Ofentse Sefolo
Stick to the rules for concrete flooring success

Each month The Concrete Institute (TCI) receives numerous requests for advice on faulty concrete flooring. This is usually due to a lack of understanding of the various characteristics of concrete, comments Bryan Perrie, managing director of TCI.

“The construction of industrial floors, such as warehousing and factory floors, calls for concrete with specific characteristics. It is therefore of vital importance that property tenants or owners fully brief architects and concrete designers about the logistics system and handling equipment to be used on the floor being planned,” Bryan notes.

Such a brief helps to define the loading criteria of the concrete mix for the specific surface tolerances of the finished floor.

“If incorrect information is supplied, the serviceability criteria used for routine slabs could be selected, which could lead to disastrous consequences if the floor has to handle huge volumes of heavy forklift movement and racking,” Bryan adds.

Adhere to specifications
Concrete for flooring calls for correct design, materials and proportions. It is also essential that contractors understand and take note of the following:
• The influence of material selection and environmental inconsistencies.
• Handling and finishing, as they are essential to producing a quality floor.
• Specifying the correct surface tolerances for the type of operation on the floor.
• Ensure they are met by the contractor and should preferably be assessed by an independent third party.
• Understanding all the characteristics of concrete.

“Lack of attention to these factors could lead to a floor with poor durability, strength and aesthetics.
Successful concrete flooring relies on successive phases: understanding what is being done in each design phase and the using of the right concrete and equipment by the right person at the right time,” Bryan concludes.

TCI will present Concrete Industrial Floors on the Ground, a one-day online training course on all facets of industrial floor design and construction, on 1 June 2021.

Visit www.theconcreteinstitute.org.za for more details.

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