Steel roofing near the coast – Materials for high-corrosion areas

by Tania Wannenburg
Steel roofing near the coast GLOBAL ROOFING SOLUTIONS

Global Roofing Solutions gives advice on selecting roofing materials and profiles for coastal applications.

Selecting materials for steel roofing near the coast or in heavy industrial areas takes important consideration as only certain roofing materials are warranted for use in areas with a high corrosion risk.

Global Roofing Solutions recommends using aluminium material that is specifically suited for application as close as 400m from the high-water mark.

“Major suppliers such as Arcelor Mittal, Bluescope Steel Southern Africa and Safal Steel each has variations of premium products with increased coating mass, which gives extra corrosion resistance,” notes Lyle Jeffery, Global Roofing Solutions’ projects and specifications team national manager.

“These premium products come with warranties for use in the C4/C5 high corrosion risk category, which is typically marine, high humidity and heavy industrial areas with high salinity,” Jeffrey adds.

Global Roofing Solutions roll-forms these materials into their most popular concealed fix roof sheeting, such as the advanced Zip-Tek and Klip-Tite systems. Concealed fix roof sheeting profiles eliminate the need for pierced fixing, thereby dramatically reducing the probability of roof leakage and damage. By supplying these profiles in continuous lengths, no end-lapping is required and the possibility of leakage is further eliminated. The introduction of transverse stiffener ribs in both Klip-Tite and Zip-Tek 440 (supplied into Africa), furthermore increase the wind uplift resistance substantially.

A new generation roof sheeting, Klip-Tite is 700mm wide, with four trapezoidal ribs at 233mm centres. The male rib incorporates side spurs to ensure a positive double interlocking action at side-laps.

The Zip-Tek profile has a male and female upstand with a height of 68mm, which provides a capillary brake. Available in two widths, Zip-Tek 420 for SA and Zip-Tek 440 for Africa.

Both the Klip-Tite and Zip-Tek 440 (available in Africa) systems boast transverse stiffener ribs in the pan to reduce upward deflection, which affords it superior wind uplift capabilities – often another challenge in coastal regions.

Klip-Lok 406
Having been around for more than 25 years, Klip-Lok 406 is still a go-to product. It has three trapezoidal ribs at 203mm centres giving a nett coverage of 406mm, and is ideally suited for low pitches with unique double interlocking side laps.

All these profiles are manufactured in continuous lengths with on-site rolling of sheet lengths in excess of transportable limits. Global Roofing Solutions’ mobile roller mill incorporates a motorised de-coiler, capable of handling ten ton coils, to reduce coil change-over times and tail-end waste, and increase daily rolling capacities. This method of rolling wide concealed fix sheeting reduces internal stresses on the materials, and results in an accurate formed profile at the highest quality.

Global Roofing Solutions has in fact produced a single sheet of 136m.

In addition to its fleet of mobile mills, Global Roofing Solutions have added a mobile mill in Durban and will launch another one in Cape Town next year for the rolling of Klip-Tite sheeting.

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