Steel CPD event makes technical info accessible

by Zuerita
Steel CPD event makes technical info accessible

Safal Steel has yet again brought together role-players in the steel roofing industry, including architects, contractors and roll-formers, at its latest continuing professional development (CPD) event held at Emperor’s Palace in October.
With a line-up of speakers who are experts in their respective fields, the day turned out to be very informative, earning attendees 0,4 CPD credits.

Advanced coated steel
Kicking off the day’s proceedings, Faizal Chavoos, technical manager at Safal Steel, spoke about advanced coated-steel technologies. As several architects commented during the breaks, he managed to present the technical information in such a way that it was understandable, interesting and applicable. For example, he likened the process of making steel, and subsequently the coatings, to that of adding ingredients to make food, except the ingredients are elements from the periodic table.

Faizal Chavoos, technical manager at Safal Steel, spoke about advanced coated-steel technologies.

In addition to explaining the grain structures of coated steel, the applications, as well as the corrosion properties of the various coatings, Chavoos also talked about the impact of the environment, the risk of bimetallic corrosion and fire properties.

Paint-coating technologies
Next up, Daniel van Deventer, director at Beckers Group, addressed the ins and outs of paint-coating technology, including the coil-coating process. He also spoke about corrosion protection, textures and colour stability, advising why earthy colours are your best bet and bright colours will cost significantly more.

At the end of the programme, in a bonus, unaccredited talking slot, he continued discussing the type of chemistries used in South Africa in more detail, including PVDF coatings, matt finishes and the textured finish, and highlighted the benefits and possibilities of each.

Dennis White, director of the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA), unpacked the South African National Standards (SANS) for metal cladding, talking about the effect of geometry on the strength, the different base metals and thicknesses, as well as the pros and cons of the most common basic profiles.

He pointed out that the span tables are often abused locally since spanning capabilities cannot be accurately determined from mathematical principles, but has to be derived from physical tests, and that the industry can expect changes in this regard once the new SANS 10237 is released.

White further discussed design working life, the requirements for transportation and site storage, ponding, crevice corrosion, factors that determine the selection of fasteners, washers and sealants, the installation of flashings, cladding and alternative energy equipment as well as roof access.

He concluded by highlighting the expected amendments to SANS 10400 Part L as well as SANS 10400 Part XA.

Macsteel’s Gino Oosthuizen and Greg van Aswegen ready to answer questions about the many roofing products on display at their stand

Networking opportunity
Throughout the day, there was ample time for networking during the breaks. Several industry players exhibited their product offerings and were ready to answer any questions from the attendees. Safal Steel introduced their new Colorplus Textured brand as part of their exhibition, attracting alot of interest and attention for the roll-formed sample sheets on display.

The exhibitors were:
•    Beckers
•    Corr-line Steel & Roof
•    Corvent International
•    Global Roofing Solutions
•    Macsteel Roofing.
•    Noordwes Damme
•    Proroof Steel & Tube
•    Safintra
•    Safal Steel

The day concluded with a lovely dinner and live music, giving attendees the opportunity to relax and unwind after a full day of learning.

Safal Steel
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Website: http://safalsteel.co.za

Caption main image: Safal Steel’s latest CPD event has brought together many role players in the steel industry.

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