Stairnosing specialists

by Darren
Kirk stairnosing specialist Jnl 4 16

Several types of stairnosings are available for specific types of floorcoverings & installations.

Kirk Marketing has a comprehensive range of stairnosing for all types of flooring and these products can be used in both retro-fitting as well as with the initial installation of the floor.

With flooring types such as tiles, laminate floors, luxury vinyl planks and in some installations of carpeting (stair rods), a suitable stairnosing can also be used during the laying of the flooring. The advantage of laying stairnosing insitu is that the sightline is minimal and often has a more slimline appearance. These are available in aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

Wet lay floors such as concrete, screed, sheet vinyl, and carpets generally have retro-fit stairnosing to protect the edge of the steps/stairs.

At times retro-fit stairnosing has to be used because of the SABS standard requirements and the pedestrian traffic expected on the stairs. Insitu lay stairnosings might not meet the requirements and as such retro-fitting will be required.

Kirk Marketing’s stairnosings are available in a combination of different materials; namely aluminium, brass, stainless steel, PVC and a combination of aluminium and PVC, aluminium and non-slip strips, and aluminium and non-slip luminescence strips.

Their aluminium and PVC/non-slip strips are available in black, grey and brown while the aluminium stairnosing can also be anodised to different colours.

They also offer a range of heavy duty industrial stairnosing products made from galvanised steel; grit and stainless steel and grit of varying coarseness. These industrial stairnosings are ideal in areas exposed to grease, dust, dirt, liquids, oil and fat.

Each product offering is best suited for a specific application, and should uncertainty arise as to which one to install, it is advisable to speak with a Kirk expert before specifying the stairnosing.

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