Stair nosings in abundance

by Tania Wannenburg

A broad range of stair nosings has opened the door to a greater selection of options for specifiers.

The large range of Kirk Marketing’s M.Trim collection of tile-in and retrofit stair nosings offers the specifier a broader selection of options when it comes to new buildings, refurbishments and custom-specific requirements.

The M.Trim stair nosings can be used in hospitals, shopping centres, airports, offices, banks, schools, gyms, domestic and government buildings, and are ideal for heavy-duty pedestrian and normal domestic low-volume pedestrian traffic. This range has profiles available for tiles, screeds, laminate floors, wood floors and LVPs (Luxury Vinyl Planks), amongst others, providing the specifier with a stair nosing solution for various floor types.

The tile-in stair nosing is available in aluminium, aluminium/PVC combinations and brass, in 10 and 12 mm, except in brass which is only available in 10 mm. Other M.Trim products such as stainless steel and aluminium square edges can be used as tile-in stair protectors where there is low-volume pedestrian traffic.

In turn, retrofit stair nosing can be used with all types of flooring, be it carpets, tiles, vinyl, wood or laminate floors. It is also well suited for external and internal use and can be used in refurbishments, covering chipped tiles or damaged floors and is ideal in areas exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic.

The aluminium retrofit nosing is available as a single, double or bullnose type with different types of inserts, namely PVC in brown, black or grey. It has a smooth or ridged surface and non-slip grit (grey or black) and non-slip luminescence strips (in all non-slip colours).

Plain Brass and PVC retrofit stair nosing is also available as well as carborundum nosing inserts. Single and double contract stair nosing is available with black and grey PVC inserts while industrial, non-slip, heavy-duty stair nosing is custom-designed with or without reflective tape and luminescent strips.

With the load shedding that South Africa is currently experiencing, these luminescent strips are becoming essential for public safety. Kirk Marketing is proud of the fact that their M.Trim stair nosing range is able to suit any budget in order to suit any requirement.

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