Spotting surface irregularities simplified by new tool

by Tania Wannenburg

Introducing a new tool that plays a big role in ensuring that a floor is level right down to the smallest measurement.

With a reputation as one of the leaders in portable, electronic power tools and accessories, Bosch Power Tools now distributes the GSL 2 Professional, a dedicated floor surface scanning instrument.

Craftsmen have struggled for years with checking floor planarity – a laborious and often inaccurate procedure costing valuable time – but now there is a simpler way in the form of GSL 2 Professional surface laser.

According to Ninet Bosman, Bosch SA Measuring Tool Junior Brand Manager, the tool is ideal for professionals laying screed, flooring estimators and those who lay composite floors, tiles and parquet. “The GSL 2 enables the user to spot surface irregularities at a glance with millimetre-accuracy even over larger areas up to 20 m,” she explains. “Within minutes the entire floor is scanned without any need for point-to-point checks.”

As well as being extremely reliable, the GSL 2 is also simpler to use than other equipment on the market. It is self-levelling within a 4° range and works by projecting two clear laser lines onto the floor. Where the two lines converge to form one it indicates that the surface is flat. At an elevation or depression however, the two lines will separate to reveal a defect.

The GSL 2’s motorised rotary base offers the user a continuous view of the floor surface and can be paused to mark uneven areas. “It could hardly be more convenient,” enthuses Ninet. “The height or depth of the deviation can then be read off the target plate by positioning it directly over the irregularity and intercepting the laser lines.”

GSL 2 accessories include laser viewing glasses for improved visibility of the laser lines, a robust carrying case for safe and convenient transport, a laser target to determine the extent of the floor irregularities, RC 2 remote control enabling the user to control the GSL 2 from a distance, four AAA batteries and a 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery with a charger. Lastly, the GSL 2 can be used with either the AAA batteries or the Li-Ion battery.

For more information contact:
Tel: (+27) 11 651 9802
Email: ninet.bosman@za.bosch.com
Web: www.bosch.co.za

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