Sport centre insulated on outside in days

by Tania Wannenburg
Sport centre insulated

Artic Insulation won a contract to insulate the Mandeville Sport Centre in Johannesburg.

Contracted to insulate the Mandeville Sport Centre in Johannesburg to minimise heat gain in summer and heat loss during winter, Artic Insulation sprayed the roof areas above the basketball court and the swimming pool with polyurethane foam. In the case of both buildings, the client required the roof to be coated from the outside.

The 1 200m² area above the court was covered with a nominal 25mm layer of closed cell sprayed polyurethane (SPU) foam, completed in less than two days. Adjacent to this, another 1 200m² of roof above the swimming pool was covered by the same process.

The resultant R-value after SPU application is approximately 1,02, which will reduce the heating and cooling costs for the Mandeville Sports Centre. Within a day or so of applying the foam, the roof was also coated with a high-quality acrylic coating to protect the SPU from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

The primary motivations for coating the buildings were to reduce HVAC costs, eliminate internal condensate formation, ensure the roof is leak-free and extend the lifespan of the IBR sheeting.

SPU has been in use for over two decades, especially in America. It is a proven thermal coating that adds structural strength to the building while adding only 1,2kg of weight per square metre. It is able to withstand high winds and the freezing conditions without failure. In addition, it provides a seamless coating, eliminating air movement within any roof space.

Artic’s mobile spray rig is one of the largest in the country, with an ability to spray up to 800m² of SPU or poly urea per day. The rig is self-contained with a 66KVA three-phase generator, SPU reactor and pumps, as well as a self-contained breathing air system.

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