In the world of sports and fitness, the surface beneath one’s feet can make all the difference. Athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts understand the importance of a supportive and durable flooring system that can withstand the demands of rigorous workouts and athletic performance. 

 This is where REGUPOL Sports and Fitness Flooring is a game-changer, offering an unparalleled combination of performance, safety and sustainability. With its innovative design and unmatched quality, it has become the top choice for professional athletes, fitness centres and sports facilities around the world. 

REGUPOL everroll 

 Whether fitness chains, Crossfit boxes, individual studios or micro-gyms, every fitness centre has its own individual character, its own design and is often specialised in specific training methods. REGUPOL everroll fitness floors offer the following benefits: 

  • Combines functionality with protection, attractive design, stability, traction and impact absorption. 
  • Suitable for all the different areas in fitness studios. 
  • Can be used in other areas outside the actual training areas, such as in reception or changing rooms. 
  • Extremely robust, resilient and slip-resistant. 
  • Available in an extensive palette of decor and colours, and can be made to customer specifications on request. 
  • Different training areas in a fitness centre to be visually separated from each other or follow a uniform design. 
  • The floor can be designed to corporate identity colours, and can be individually tailored to fit the space available. 

REGUPOL sports hall floors   

REGUPOL dynamic sports hall floors are a worthwhile investment over the long term. The durability and loadbearing capacity reduce renovation work to a minimum, it is hygienic, and has an extremely low maintenance requirement in sports halls and multi-purpose arenas. Additionally, the coloured PUR coating allows for sports hall floors to be laid in any chosen colour. 

Events and multi-purpose halls 

Beyond its use in sports halls and multi-purpose arenas, REGUPOL dynamic sports hall floors provide the loadbearing foundations for concerts, athletics meetings, exhibitions and other cultural, commercial, private and public events. The multi-purpose floor systems are extremely hardwearing and maintain their impact, absorbing elasticity even under heavy loads and after many years of use. Street shoes, seating and spilled drinks pose no problem.  

The choice to use REGUPOL products is not just choosing a floor – it is an investment in the future of the facility and the well-being of its users. 

For more information, contact Floors International SA: 

Tel: +27 861 999 121  



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