Sphere roof – a work of art

by Darren
Sphere Roof a work of art GLOBAL ROOFING SOLUTIONS

The Grantleigh School in Richards Bay, with its unique sphere roof, was completed early in 2013. Today, four years later, it is still one of Global Roofing Solutions’ proudest projects.

Four years since the completion of the Grantleigh School in Richards Bay, its distinctive sphere roof is still a work of art, demonstrating long-term performance and durability of the roofing profile supplied by Global Roofing Solutions.

While some suppliers said the design by Theunissen Jankowitz Architects couldn’t be realised, close collaboration between Global Roofing Solutions, the architects, engineers from PD Naidoo and Associates and roofing installer Creata Projects and Engineering made it happen.

Lennie Naidoo, responsible for project specification at Global Roofing Solutions’ Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) branch, had specified the 0.53 Klip-Lok 406 profile. However, since the roof design wasn’t a straightforward barrel shape, no two sheets had the exact same radius.

“We made many trips to Richards Bay and back, testing samples until we achieved the correct radiuses,” he says. “KZN branch manager, Philip de Beer, also assisted on various occasions to test samples of curved sheets sent from Johannesburg before correct quantities where rolled out on site.”

In addition, Graeme Jeffreys, senior draughtsman and engineer at Global Roofing Solutions worked extensively on drawings and burnt the midnight oil doing calculations for curved sheeting sketches.

“We went all out to impress the architects and prove to everyone that this roof was possible to achieve,” Naidoo states.

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Grantleigh School, Richards Bay
Profile: Klip-Lok 406
Material: 0,53mm AZ150 C1S Colorbond
Colour: African White and Rivergum
Area: 1 800m2
Installer: Creata Projects and Engineering

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