Spectacular surface slabs

by Darren
Neolith Jnl 7 15

Products that are versatile, consistent, durable and come in several sizes of compact surface slabs.

When comparing surface materials such as marble, granite and engineered stone, NEOLITH is considered a serious competitor with its sintered compact surface slab offerings of varying size, versatile colour, consistency and durability, making it ideal for large construction and development projects. They offer a designer product that has created exciting possibilities for both interior and exterior decorating applications.

According to NEOLITH, its sintered compact surface slab is a trendsetting material that is redefining the future of interior design. It can withstand very high temperatures and the larger slab sizes translate into increased cost- and project-efficiency. It is also an environmentally friendly product, comprising natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. NEOLITH’s compact sintered surfaces are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible manner, complying with every European environmental standard with regard to product composition and technologically advanced operating systems.

This precision in technology ensures optimum efficiency in terms of energy consumption and raw materials usage. In this way the production and lifecycle of NEOLITH surfaces have the minimum impact on the environment, and the end product is fully recyclable.

Further benefits of these slabs include their attractive matte finish, the fact that they are stain-resistant, hardwearing and durable, easy to clean and maintain, and have minimal seam joins due to the availability of large slab formats. In addition, the dual gauge offerings (6mm and 12mm) ensure that it can be used absolutely everywhere with complete colour continuity, making it ideal for residential projects. This colour continuity across the gauges means that a holistic look for any space, be it interior or exterior, can be created. It is also a low-maintenance product perfectly suited for high-traffic, commercial areas. The use and application of the 6mm and 12mm gauges remains the same for commercial installations of these products.

With regard to format and thickness, the NEOLITH slab measures 3,200mm x 1,500mm and can be cut down to any size or format, without losing its technical and aesthetic properties. It also offers a streamlined, uncomplicated surface solution for all interior and exterior flooring applications. The 6mm slabs are ideal for flooring applications, with the large slab format helping to reduce unattractive join lines. These slabs are lightweight and easy to handle, simplifying the installation process. The product requires minimal maintenance due to its non-porosity and durability, and no sealing is required.

All of these properties serve the end goal which is to create a design-conscious, aesthetic surface that makes its mark in the flooring industry.

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