Specs at your fingertips

by Tania Wannenburg
FloorworX app jnl 3 14

An App that will guide specifiers to the most applicable product.

FloorworX has taken advantage of the latest technologies available online by offering an Application (App) that offers everything a specifier could possibly need in one convenient place. The App has most of the bells and whistles of their MySpec App such as specifying options, and they have included additional features such as Maintenance Specifications and Product Presentations.

The FloorworX App is available for download on the iTunes webpage by searching for Floorworx within the AppStore or, alternatively, visitors can go to FloorworX’s website, scroll down and click on the FloorworX link as demonstrated below:

In addition to information tabs such as About Us, Contact Us, Image Gallery and Sustainability, the FloorworX App also offers access to specifying and browsing options that provide choices of either viewing product ranges by category or viewing product swatches by range colour. Using an iPad, iPhone or Mac, users can tap or drag their fingers to easily zoom in and pan out, and even rotate samples. 

From the Browse Options, users can easily navigate to Specifying and Maintenance Options and is a perfect Specifying tool. According to Theresa Venter, Marketing Manager at FloorworX, this App should be used by all architects and specifiers, interior designers and flooring contractors and could be a game changer for the industry.

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