South Africa enjoys hot summers, so many residential properties across the country have swimming pools. It often happens that clients become unhappy with the aesthetic that they chose for their swimming pool when they find that it is not as functional as they had hoped.

If you have ever received feedback from a client who is unhappy with slippery swimming pool areas or floor surfaces that burn their feet in the hot summer months, then consider Quartz Carpet for your next installation. Here are a few reasons why this is a great solution for swimming pool areas:
• It is an open-pore floor, which is best suited for around the pool because it is non-slip.
• Air pockets trap the air, which helps to keep the flooring cooler in summer as it takes on the ambient temperature of the air in the air pockets.
• The stones are naturally rounded, providing a completely smooth area.
• Adaptability: Quartz Carpet is applied with a trowel, it can go over existing tiles and can accommodate the curves of the pool, or natural features like a rock.
• The product can be used indoors and outdoors, improving the flow of interior to exterior, and is ideal for an open veranda, covered terrace or in new builds where stacked doors are folded away.

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